Friday, September 9, 2016

Medical MO

How to tell a 50+ year old mother that her 28 year old son is critically ill? She hold my hand tightly with both her hands, bend herself down and touch her forehead to my hand, muttered in tears "Please doctor, please do everything you can".  I rub her back "yes aunty, we will. please take care of yourself."

3 months past the first day i became a Medical MO. Medical, not my first choice. I chosen paediatrics. Perhaps God has His own plan. It was so hard initially. I compared my first chapter with everyone's else chapter 50. Slowly, i picked up the skills. I have always thought that i ll take few months to adapt and once i master how to life saving, i can focus back on my paeds study and prepare for exam, but i was wrong. There is always something in my study list for medical. Medical has sooo much to cover. too much. Life saving. In fact, everthing is life saving. This job is so hazardous. it is more dangerous than driving on a highway. I find myself constantly thinking, constantly worrying for my patient. It can be so exhausting.

Medical. not for faint heart.