Saturday, April 25, 2015

Too many houseman

When there are 100 people working, you ll feel like you are the only one working, because the other 99 will think that the other 99 are doing the work.

Sometimes, this can be very frustrating. 2 people can go for simple tracing, a few ll end up somewhere unknown. And worse is, those that actually do the job have to carry the responsibility, even the blame and everything that happens.

You wanna talk about justice? Talk to me.

Monday, April 6, 2015


If you choose the right job, you won’t be working another day. Which is bullshit. Am I picking the right job? I used to love my job a lot, but when I shifted into working environment with strong hierarchy system, it is killing me. Do I still like my job? No, I don’t.

So. What matters the most, is actually not about the job, but about the people you are working with. One thing good about this posting is at least I get to meet a lot of new friends. I never thought that I can make friends in workplace. It used to be only colleagues. And I am glad that we went on a trip together. Not because the trip was awesome, but because somehow, I belong.

Nothing is permanent. Even anger. I can’t believe that all the negative perception can vanish into thin air, but it does. I am not even being careful. God must be laughing at me. I am glad I found back a friend, with new feeling, replacing the old.

Nothing is permanent. It’s like Brownian motion where particles move in opposite direction after colliding; not knowing when is the next collision.

朋友说,每个人都有各自的问题要面对, 或许,每个人都在孤身作战。大家一起孤身作战,这样想,反而没那么孤单了。我。赞同。