Saturday, March 22, 2014

Waiting for posting

What I am doing everyday?

Despite sleeping, eating and interneting, I keep an eye on my post box and my mailbox.

Every now and then I will check my mailbox because I have sent an email to the JPA officer and she has yet to reply my email.

Every morning I will wait for the postman to send me my offer letter from health department regarding my posting. I dislike uncertainties. Why can't they just tell me where I will be sent to one month earlier, so I have a chance to prepare, physically and mentally?

This is exhausting. I mean the waiting, not the holiday.

I will miss this kind of holiday once that much awaited yet much unwanted offer letter arrive. Dilemma. Yes indeed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Taiwan Trip last three days @ TaiPei City

When we reached Taipei the first night, we were lost. The hostel gave us a wrong address. Apparently the owner has three different buildings, so the one we booked online was not the one assigned for us. We were quite frustrated with the Fun Backpackers that night. But Wifi, and bread were provided for our breakfast. That night, we walked around 士林夜市Shilin Night Market. The food court is like parking lot, underground.

The next Morning, we departed to 阳明山 Yang Ming Shan to see flower. Then again, it was not really the season yet. The wind was strong and i accidentally slipped M's iphone on the ground. Oh NO! So there goes his mood to travel for the day.
Mr YangMing. 27 years ago, my mum stood the exact same spot to take pictures. Haha.
We couldn't wait to leave this strong wind and headed to 中正纪念堂zhongzheng memorial hall. Some event was going on there, so plenty of panda statues were placed in the square.
Changing of guards
The muzeum gallery
Everyone said you must try the food on the train. So we went to buy our 火车便当. For me, its normal only lo. Maybe the others were a bit exaggerated.
We went to XiMenDing to shop. The stuff there were more of normal night market price. Not much of branded products. There is a shop selling mi sua. Nice leh. I like.
Since there was nothing much to see, we went to 五分埔 wufenpu. The whole night market sells cloths. Cheap cloths, i was afraid that the cloths will shrink or go out of shape when i reached home, thus did not dare to buy any. We headed to RaoHe night market. Well, This night market indeed offered a variety of food. Is more variety than quantity.
Day 2 in taipei, we headed to 猫空. We took the cable car across the mountain, particularly chose the one with glass floor. We met two sarawakian in the cable car.
view of taipei
There was a shop offering free biscuit to try
Tea muzeum
This restaurant offered dish cooked with tea leaves. Not bad.
We also visited the Zoo next to it to see Panda and penguin. Haha. There were three Panda there, 园园,团团 and their kid 园仔
We took a bus to 101.
鼎泰丰. isit me, or the quality not really that nice.
城品书店. This is a paradise of books. English books were relatively cheap. Too bad i dont have enough time to stay for long. If i lived in Taipei, i would vote this as my favourite spot.
We were crazy walker. We walked all the way from 101 to chengping, then now we walked to Ez5. Not everyone can walk like us. Naaah. This is my modal for being young. Ez5 is a pub with singers, slightly professional singers that have not turn famous. There were three singers for tht night, 张心杰,赖明伟,and another lady who replaced 黄嘉千. If i were to come taiwan again, i ll come here again.
Last day in Taipei, we visited 故宫博物院. They have the largest collection of vast, only if i understand how to read antiques. Third floor is always full. People squeezed there to see the cabbage made of Jade, and a few antiques that I dont understand.
One of the things that caught my attention was the multimedia technologies there. You take a photo with the camera there, and your face will appear as one of the cartoon character in the huge monitor.
After lunch, we headed to 淡水Tamshui. Jay Chou had made this place famous. We chose a Saturday, went all the way down to visit his school, the one he used as a scene in the movie 'secret'. But luck was not with us, it was closed when we reached there. Such a disappointment.

We walked back to 淡水老街. As it was a Saturday, and the weather was perfect, the street was full of people.
We took a ferry ride across the sea to Fisherman wharf 渔人码头. A Lovers bridge 情人桥 was built there, actually with not much of a function.
To end the night, we went back to 忠孝东路. A place for shoppings. Reasonable price, and plenty of shopping malls. There was a song by 动力火车 that said 忠孝东路走九遍 walk night round in zhongxiao donglu. Haha. Its impossible!
I ended the night with Ice Monster. Huge bowl of Mango Ice. Freaking Nice.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taiwan trip day 9 @ Ye Liu

Before we depart to Ye liu, we had a walk at Jiu Fen Old Street. The shops opened at 9am and closed at 7pm. The food was worth trying.

We went back to our hostel, carried our luggages and took a bus to KeeLung Train Station. From there, we took another bus opposite the train station to Ye Liu. The jouney was indeed long and tiring. Hope it worth the journey.
A lot of fisherman boats there
Entrance is 80NTD. And it worth the journey and the price. Why isn't this in the seven wonders?! Its so special! I felt like walking on the moon. All this coral floated on the land. simply WOW!
candle rock
Mushroom Rock
Queen Elizabeth Rock. The neck is getting thinner by day, in 5 to 10 days this will no longer exists.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Taiwan trip day 8 @ Old town Jiu fen

九分,十分,平溪 are all old towns in the eastern part of taipei. We Stayed in a hostel in Jiufen called 丽景民宿, which is narrow, but the owner is a nice woman. Jiu fen  is known to be 山城 city on the mountain. Houses were built on the mountain with black roof to cater for the water drainage system, and certain measurements were taken to overcome the strong wind.
Jiu Fen 

Carrying luggages through the stairs required hard work, really. And to pass by narrow streets and curvy stairs were new experience to me. After leaving our luggages in the hostel, we departed to 金瓜石JinGuaShi, a place used to mine gold.

There is a gold museum not far away, we took a bus there. We learned how the people here lived during the Japanese Era. There is a huge piece of gold in the museum where everyone can try touch it.
黄金瀑布 HuangJin Waterfall. Last time, the water used to flow down to pieces of Shining Gold. Just close your eyes and imagine. 
I supposed the colors were due to the minerals.
We were lucky to meet a good bus driver, who stopped for us to take pictures at places with great scenery. How often do you meet such people on a public bus?
阴阳海 Ying Yang Sea. I could not see the border between the sky and the sea, can you? 
Simply amazing
We headed to ShiFen. According to the owner of my hostel, we could stop at 大华station, because it is nearer to the waterfall. But what we saw was railway track with a huge sign, DO NOT WALK ALONG THE RAILWAY TRACK. We asked the villagers nearby, and the aunty told us its okay. Alright, so we did the locals way. I supposed trains dont actually pass by this track often, or they don't speed up on this side of the track. The most exciting part is pass through a 100m tunnel. Crazy Ass. And at the opposite of the tunnel, we met this bunch of Hong Kee, who also wanted to walk on the track.
We took the train down to 平溪, searching for the scene of the movie 《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》. To our surprise, the town was quite quiet.
So We turned back to 十分to 放天灯. Now the trend is to release Lantern on the working railway track. When trains come, the authority will start to make announcement and clear the track. Luckily the weather was cooperative.
We went 阿妹茶楼 to drink tea. It is not cheap, but the tea was the best i ever tasted. The environment was perfect too, a little bit gloomy, a little bit of melancholic. Even the name of the tea is Melancholic as well. 孤女的愿望 Wing of a lonely girl, that is what we ordered.
Full set of tea set, with an expert teaching us the right way to make right tea.
View from the 茶楼. Superb!
A must try
The next morning, i went back the place to took a photo of how it looks like in day time.