Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stress Free finally

Grateful that I met lots of lovely people today. Mind affects emotion or emotion affects mind. Either way round, I felt wonderful.

SPA interview went smoothly. Even though I had no idea what complications a neonate has when his mother had gestational diabetes. But I passed. Had a good examiner who likes to talk and chat about my life. And in the end, he told me that laughter is the best medicine. HAHA!

Even the ladies at the counter seem nice to us. All the ladies in putrajaya, in JPA office, everyone! Everyone was very nice today. Everything settled so easily. What was going on?!

Huge favour from Eve and her family. I stayed over night and free transport. Super grateful for the hospitality. I had totally no idea what will happen to me without them.

Super grateful that Wing is going to settle the one last problem with my Taiwan trip.

Everything just went on so well, so smooth that I felt almost impossible.

Super grateful for everything that happened in my life that I am so afraid that it will be taken away from me. Unnecessary paranoid.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Bye, Grey Yogyakarta!

I opened my eyes to the familiar chaos. Mum told me that the haze was so terrible outside. Grey Snow! This is impossible. In one night, the town had turned to this?! Those are ashes mum, not haze! My first thought was “yeay, my parents get to experience snow”. Then here came the scary truth.

It was my last day here, and I was ready to go home. I packed everything in luggages and boxes. Closed my bank account, waved goodbye to everyone. I was ready to go back to the place I belong. Oh noooooo! What was going on?! Airport was closed! Oh my~~ Indonesia always had a way to make me stay.

The familiar smell of ashes. The familiar look on the peoples’ eyes. Worst of all, the familiar dust!

The whole morning, I was busy on my phone, on my laptop, trying to find a way to go back. Stay or leave, that was the first question, then how? This time round, no more Army plane Hercules come to rescue. And together with me, I had my family members and more than 80kg luggages. After a lot of chaos, and a lot of arrangement, finally we agreed on an escape. Yy and parents were in this escape mission too. 5pm, 7 people, more than 160kg luggages,  in one travello.

Travelling to Bandung on the road was a disaster. It’s like milions of holes on the road and I was going up and down, left to right, for more than 12 hours. My stomach felt like I am shaking a bottle of water. Luckily the seats were spacious enough for me. (That’s why people say it’s good, sometimes, to be small size). When we finally reached bandung at 5am, to our despair, the airport was closed too. Omfg!!!

Oooh, Its Grey Valentine. 
The airport allowed customers to check in, but there is no promise that the airport will open anytime soon. We waited until 8am. No one can give us a confirmation that flight were taking off that day. Everyone looked at the sky, praying that what we were looking at is not grey in color. Many Indonesians were running home too. I heard anxious voices forcing the workers to inform about the flight departure. Reporters reporting. The small airport was crowded with people and luggages. We took over a row of chairs and took turns to sit on it and looked after our luggages. 80kg suddenly felt like more than 100kg. We were all tired. But I was rather glad that yy and her family were there to go through this with us.

Waiting was exhausting and finally we decided to depart to Jakarta, after xiang wei and shamini took off from there. The search for car was not an easy task either. Yy decided to wait, so the four of us took an APV down to Jakarta airport. 3 hours journey, all of us slept off in the car, comfortably.
Yogya, 280km away from Gunung Kelud eruption, and i travelled 400km to Bandung and 150km to Jakarta. Amazing Race huh~

My plane took off at 5pm. 24 hours of crazy journey and I was finally home midnight.

Apparently, I relive my 5 and a half years of experience in Yogyakarta. Bandung trip, travelling with my best friend and best enemy, and the greatest experience of all, experience a volcanic eruption, again! Never in my life I thought I will see this a second time.

Yogyakarta, a lovely city with lovely people, I will miss you.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oath Taking Ceremony

Achievement Unlocked!
This time, it is official. I need to get use to the name Dr Ng, and learn to carry the burden that comes with it.