Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Apply for HO (Indonesia graduates)

1.       Fill in SPA Form
Create a new account. Make sure your University cert, SPM cert, PMR cert, co-curiculum certs are with you when you fill in. If you are unsure with certain information, its okay, you can always log in the account and fill in. Make sure you “simpan” the information. After you completed the form, make sure you “hantar” it.
Then save the copy of Resume, and also the Slip akuan pendaftaran permohonan jawatan SPA.
Note: Make sure telephone number is contactable.

2.       MMC (Malaysia Medical Council)
Download the “Provisional Registration”/ “Perakuan Pendaftaran Sementara”. The documents needed are already stated there on the first page.

Documents needed:
a.       Wang pos RM20.00 to Pendaftar Pengamal Perubatan.
b.      Maklumat tambahan (page 10) with one passport photo
c.       Borang 4 (page 8)
d.      Perakuan Saksi (page 9). Get saksi signature. Can be any Malaysia school principal, any lawyers, any government or private doctors registered under MMC.
e.      Certified copy of: IC, Birthcert, SPM cert (note: CERT, not slip). You can get it certify by Malaysia school principal, any lawyers, any government or private doctors registered under MMC.
f.        Original dean letter (as we haven’t get our ijazah yet).
g.       Transcript (both S1 and Combined S1+Profesi). The one with red chop.
h.      Fitness to declaration form (page 11)
i.         S.Ked Sijil both language (signed by vice dean or certified in Malaysia also no problem)

Note: Number a, d, e, please prepare it in Malaysia before you go MMC. Number f, g, i please prepare it before you come back from Indonesia. MAKE A COPY of everything you wanna send in as backup or reference.

Address: Majlis Perubatan Malaysia (MPM), Blok B, Aras Bawah, Jalan Cendarasari, 50590 Kuala Lumpur. MMC is near Masjid Negara, not the one near HKL.

Tips: Go early in the morning. MMC opened at 8am. They ll tell you to come back after lunch hour(2pm) to collect the documents, but they usually get it done before 1pm. So my advice is go early, so that you can get your documents done early. And be sure that all documents lengkap so that they can process it fast.

Alternative: Don’t need go MMC, can send those documents through snail mail. But the processing time needs three days (or more). And wait for them to call you if your documents are incomplete.

3.       Before lunch hour, collect the letter from MMC. They ll give you 4 letters. Make sure they are printed correctly and sign a form upon accepting the letters.  There are two white letters, one blue and one orange. Photostat the Orange one (Perakuan Pendaftaran Sementara) and certify the photocopied version. PS: there is a school behind MMC. You don’t need to pay, but it would be nice if you donate in their charity box.

4.       Travel to Putrajaya. If everything goes smoothly, you can reach there by 2-3pm.

5.       KKM
Download Borang Maklumat Diri (BMD). Fill in and also choose your hospital for HO training.
Documents needed is printed at the back of the forms.
a.       Certified IC, SPM
b.      Certified S.Ked Certificate
c.       Certified MMC Cert (the photocopied version of the form you got from MMC)

Address: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Bahagian Sumber Manusia, Unit Pengurusan & professional, Precinct 1, Aras 9, Blok E7, Kompleks E, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62590 Putrajaya. Tel: 03-88832735

Just go fill in a book at the counter, walk in and place it at one basket. The only one who will entertain you is at the counter. No one will check your forms.
Alternative: Send them through snail mail.

6.       SPA
Address: Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia, Aras 6, Blok C7, Kompleks C, Bahagian Pengambilan, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62520 Putrajaya.

Go confirm with them whether they have receive your application online. Fill in another form to book a date so that they ll call you when there is interview. 

Alternative: Call them. Tel: 03-88856372 pn Azura. or 0388856338 cik hidayah. directly find the lady incharge or they ll keep re route u to customer service.

7.       JPA
Download: Borang Pendaftaran Tamat Pengajian Pemegang-Pemegang Biasiswa Persekutuan / Pinjaman Pelajaran Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam. Document Needed:
a.     Borang pendaftaran tamat pengajian
b.     Salinan ijazah
c.     Salinan transcript
d.     Bukti pemohonan pekerjaan dengan SPA (the slip you printed after you filled in SPA online)

Address: Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, Bahagian Pembangunan Modal Insan, Aras 5, Blok C1, Parcel C, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,62510 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Hand in the document, and fill in a log book in JPA
Alternative: Upload to esila JPA websites.

Settle. Now you need to wait to be called for interview. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Post KKN administration (UGM International Student)

To Lailai, naaah... 

1)        responsi KKN (depends on your DPK actually)
2)        buy airplane ticket to go home (around 24 days after KKN, but to be sure, better confirm the yudisium and wisuda with the KPTU. Yudisium is at least 2 weeks after KKN.)
3)        Apply EPO exit permit only. Apply a letter from IRO. It takes AT LEAST one week for them to get it done. You can send the application to immigration one week before you fly, but collect it 1 day before you fly at 2pm in immigration office
Document required: 1 copy passport, 1 copy KITTAS, 1 copy buku biru, Plane ticket, Sponsor letter from faculty.
Procedure: Go immigration, Fill in a form you take at the left of the entrance, walk up the stairs, turn right, there is an office on your left, hand it the documents you brought. Everything free of charge.
4)        Professional Behaviour. Don’t need to prepare anything. Just go there, sit and listen, and try not to fall  asleep.
5)        Make sure you hand in all your KKN report, individual and unit report. They give you one week after KKN to hand in your report, by up-loading into their web or hand in CD. Hand in Home Visit and Puskesmas Report too. Make sure LPPM received it and send your results to KPTU before yudisium.
6)        Explore Indonesia while waiting for Yudisium.
7)        Arrange Perlantikan Dokter for international students.
8)        Sell away all your property, or give away.
9)        Pack. Act cute in Super Indo, you can get small box for free. Big box 2k each.
10)     Organise Farewell with people you might not meet anymore
11)     Go Bank transfers some of your money home, if there is still any.
12)     Do Wisuda Stuff:
A.      Bebas perpus FK: enter the FK library, go to the counter, the lady will print a paper for you, take the paper and sign it outside the library on your left. Pay Rp10,000. You need to bring your library card along with you.
B.      Bebas Perpus UGM: Go to the library in gedung pusat (near the parking of the jogging place), ground floor, on the left, take a number and the pink form to fill in. Pay Rp 15,000.
C.      Bebas Perpus Yogya:
Location: From Mc D in Jl Sudirman to Tugu yogya, go straight till you reach the next traffic light. Turn Left. Follow the road until you reach the roundabout, take the 3 oclock turning. On your right, you will see an orange building with the word … (BPAD) on the building. Payment: Rp1000. Bring your KTM along.
D.      Bebas Koas:
Get all the kodik signature for all the stase, on both buku rapot and kartu kendali.
Go Diklit in Sarjito, Second floor,walk straight to the end, turn left to bagian pendidikan dan penelitian. Find mb okta. She ll give you 2 paper and 1 evaluation paper. You need to get signature from Perpus Sardjito and Catatan Medis Sardjito. Get 4 signature: 2 on the paper, and 2 on the buku rapot
Perpus Sarjito is in 4th floor of gedung parkir, take the lift, you ll see perpus on your right.
Catatan Medis is in the ground floor of the new Poli building, near the lift. You need to leave your documents there for a few days with your handphone number.
Collect signature from both places, and return to the diklit, they ll sign your paper and give you the bebas koas.
E.       Take New KTM from DAA
F.       fotocopy ijazah (front back)
G.     Print Photo that is different from Ijazah photo (five colored 3x4, two colored 2x3, six black and white 3x4)
13)     Register SPA online application.
14)     Certify the following document In indonesia:
·         Transcript for whole training
·         Transcript for S1
·         Original dean’s letter
·         Certificate for S.KED
15)   Certify the following document in Malaysia:
·         IC
·         Passport
·         SPM certificate
16)   Print Photo for future use since it is cheaper here.

17)   Book luggage, check in, BON VOYAGE.

Monday, January 13, 2014

KKN KP-01 2013

KKN, something like a community service where university students use their knowledge to help the people in rural area to be more independent. Somehow rather, what we can do is actually very limited. Maybe just a small impact to the village but for me, is a huge step forward. 

I was placed in a village named Dlingseng in Kulon Progo, a place full of ups and downs and lack of water resources. Winding mountain roads and muddy tracks made motorcycles important transportations in this area. The first time I stepped in this land, I was shocked to see the facilities. This is what you called a toilet.

LOL. but lucky for me, it's not my toilet. My place's toilet was slightly better, just lack water. So which was worse. Every day, we travelled 6km to and fro to bathe. Due to the road's condition, all I did was followed my friend’s bike. Suddenly I felt like I became those useless housewife who couldn’t travel out of house, and felt so incapacitate and dependent. @.@ Uncomfortable at first, but thanks to my friends, willing to be my temporary driver. I am so grateful that despite the differences we had, we still helped each other along the way. For the first time, I've been exposed to people from other faculty: forestry faculty (kehutanan), Social Politic faculty (sospol), geography faculty and to realise the differences between us. Our topic of discussion no longer circling around medical field. It is amazing how I could still communicate with them.

Our program emphasized more on education. As a medical profession, I educated the kids and the adults on health related issues. Okay I won't be talking about the program i did. All i can say is, it looks much more complicated than it is. So that was me holding a teeth model to teach the kids how to brush teeth. Primary school students are a headache. Countless times I am glad i am not a teacher.

Dressing and bandaging class. etc etc etc...

Of course we didn't teach the kids only. We also had a program where we invited those big shot people to give talks and lessons on disaster management. And it was published in the newspaper and website too.

Talking about disaster, disaster happened to me. I was sting by wasp, and my leg became so swollen. Damn that wasp. never know that small thing had so much power.

Kulon Progo is a nice place. We had a chance to explore the area. This is sendangsono. The Christians come here to pray. Can't believe there is a place like this in a village like this though. 

Punthuk Setumbu. We departed early in the morning , went through cold mist, and drizzling weather, climb up the muddy slope just to catch the sunrise. But we were too late. We reached when the sun was already up. So all we got is this. Still magnificient. We see Borobudur from above, buried in the mist.

From the place i stayed, we see blue sky and green forest everyday. The air is fresh (if they dont try to burn rubbish so often). I could see three huge mountains lining side by side. From right to left, mount merapi, mount merbabu, and mount sumbing, which form the backbone if this jawa island. Amazing. My camera wasn't good enough to capture the thing that took my breath away. What can be seen by eyes, cannot be brought home.

Introducing my "family". Pak suroto and Ibu Peni were like family to us. When we came back late, they stayed up to make sure we reached safely. They cooked for us and make all everything runs well. Sometimes it is quite annoying to have someone waiting for you at home, especially when i had been living alone for so long. But yes. they are good people.

Culture is one of the things that makes this place amazing. When you travel to one place on a bike, you greet everyone you meet on the road. At first, it is really awkward when people i don't know started to greet me. But when it becomes a habit, it is warm. A culture that Indonesian should treasure the most.