Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ophthalmology Posting in Klaten

Signed. This is a joke! My penlight is functioning, my black torchlight is functioning perfectly! This is so impossible.

This morning, I tried to light my penlight and my black torchlight, they both couldn’t function. So in the end I brought an old lousy blue torchlight to the hospital. Ophthalmology. I needed my penlight more than any other instrument. The ophthalmology specialist in this hospital is famous for her extreme discipline. Even the patients have to sit straight, legs close to each other during consultation. Yes, she is that perfectionist.

And so shit things happened. My lousy torch malfunctioned after the first patient. Great, so I ended up asking for only light perception and not doing light reflex. There was this patient, who could only see darkness. I wrote as “no light perception”, and I just left out light reflex, having no torch to use.

This doctor was so furious. She found that the patient’s light reflex is positive. And she immediately scolded me for writing no light perception. What the hell! Since when light perception equals to light reflex?! A big questions, I asked her. She scolded me even more. Signed. I had met a lot of angry doctors, but none as weird as this. New record, she is the first doctor that said I find excuses for myself. Oh God, since when I am associated with laziness. Just because my penlight spoilt at the wrong time doesn’t make me a lazy doctor who doesn’t wanna do a simple light reflex please.

After dismissed from the hospital, I brought myself a new penlight. And when I reached home, my old penlight and my black torch are both functioning perfectly. Can you believe what just happened? Ridiculous as it is, I take that as a lesson.

I still can’t believe this. My instruments just betrayed me. Tomorrow I am going to bring three torchlights to the hospital. This is so ridiculous.

PS: Light perception DOES NOT equal to light reflex. There is a possibility that Light reflex is normal, but there is no light perception. I couldn’t say the doctor is totally wrong because light reflex and light perception share the same pathway until right before the lateral geniculate body. So logically speaking, it is possible that there is light reflex but there is no light perception if the damage is in the lateral geniculate body, in the optic radiation and visual cortex. So judging on the patient’s condition (Dx cataract), it is unlikely that this patient suffers a brain damage, so you could say that light reflex normal, you supposed to have light perception. So the doctor is not totally wrong, me neither.