Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stase Anaesthesiology

Saw this really weird picture the first day I entered anaesthesiology department, named "the ideal anesthesiologist" and I was imagining every anaesthetist looks like this. Would it be really weird to have these alien-looking beings walking around the surgical rooms?
 It took me sometime to realise that anaesthetists play an important role in surgery, because all these while, I only see them sitting down doing nothing at the corner of the surgical rooms, or arranging pointless sports sessions every afternoon. Oh my goodness, I hated that the most. Being the lowest rank in the "hospital chain", we, the clinical students were asked to pick up tennis balls or be supporters in football matches. I supposed i support the team just to wish that everyone has good mood the next day. Everyday, I felt so tired, but I don't recall doing anything important or significant.

But, once in a while, I do enjoy the adrenaline rush. Intubation is fun! Saving people during emergency is more than fun! And to keep calm during emergency situation, is called professional. How often do you actually see that coming? Well, I met one resident who actually loves her job a lot, and a consultant who actually looks much more excited than the koas on simple procedures. He successfully showed me that they actually have to have brain to do their jobs. I am especially thankful that I were given chances and chances to do procedures when I did some mistakes in the procedures. The trust that I received worth more than I should received. Thanks for having patience with me. More than that, I should thank the patients too.

The sad thing is, I only have 10 days to do actual work, but another 18 days praying for the day to pass, and several hours looking at the clock, wishing to fast forward the time. Occupied, but can't do anything. My group's chief infected with dengue, and I was appointed to replace her. I have to say, it is super hard to talk to people who loves hierarchy, and to attend to attitudes and behaviours that practice hierarchy. Time to train my EQ.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August break

Still waking up 6 am in the morning and sleeping at 1 or 2am midnight. I wondered why my brain takes time to adapt to the holiday mood. Tons of pediatric books on my desk that i am not ready to give up. Pediatric OSCE dint turns up to be satisfying. I did some mistakes that i knew were wrong. So i waved goodbye to my 'A'. Very disappointing as i put in a lot of effort this time. But the fact that i am having one week holiday is comforting. I need to restore my sleep and rearrange my thought. All the circuit in my brain had been partly activated, but none was really functioning properly. The thought that I won't be seeing my favourite teacher after i left the department, is kinda depressing. Going back to those days where students don't really matters to the busy teacher.

You know, my wish last year actually came true. I am having my birthday exactly one day before my exam, so i have all the excuses to be alone and still be alright. But nonetheless, people around me been treating me really well, and I felt my egoness being lifted as I felt the importance of my existence. Got a new Powerbank. Muahaha!
This year, I been having a numbers of minion for my birthday. Haha. adorable. i like.

These few days i been having pretty much of a ghost ride. Watched "The Conjuring" with two girls, covering half of my face most of the time. Some jokers in the cinema imitating the movies by making three claps behind, which suddenly change the atmosphere in the cinema. LOL! it was supposed to be scary, not funny! Then the next day, we went to Lawang Sewu, famous haunted mansion in Semarang.
lawang Sewu means one thousand doors.

Also, We went to Sam Po Kong in Semarang. Amazed that many Muslim actually went there, even dressed in the chinese tradisional costume. Yes it is true, people here are much friendly and much open minded when it comes to religion. I dislike extremist to the max.

Oh its my Birthday on chinese calendar yesterday. Once in four years. And i just know that SamPo having birthday on the same day too.

Also we went for Buffet and shopping, though i am more of window shopping. Holiday hasn't end. I feel my footstep lighter, and things around me seems more alive.