Thursday, July 18, 2013

pediatric is depressing

I been thinking how to put this in words. But i guess i won't find correct words to describe them. haizzzzzz Pediatric is getting more and more depressing.

I cannot stand watching parents talking softly to their half dead children, cuddling them gently in their arms, carefully stroking them, tired but optimism. I don't understand how they manage to generate so much hope. It strike me hard. A father calmly accepting the news that there is no treatment for his three sons, anticipating same pattern of slow progressive muscle weakness and finally death in the coming years. A 3 year old kid, hardly move, as dead as a doll, and the mother happily explained that she responded for the first time. Another young mother, cheerful and proud of her 1 year old kid for staying alive with multiple fracture, meningoencephalitis, and multiple cellulitis.

oh nooo, these are crazy. Unhealthy kids, trapped in the bodies they hardly use. They are strong people. Sometimes watching those kids struggling to catch their breath, fighting to stay alive, I just wish i have super power and heal them with my touch. But it doesn't work that way. But their parents, these people are crazily amazing. Sometimes to a point that i wonder if it had over the psychology limits of a normal person. I couldn't imagine holding on and carry on for that long, without breaking apart.

Magic. They only exist in parents.

Hmmm.... So when i am hospitalised 23 years ago, did Magic actually happens?!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Acara God Loves Me

The kids' eyes gleamed with anticipations. And their attentions being carried away by the MC from Kids Impact. In a wonderful afternoon, under the initiation of dr Juliani, Sp A, 40 kids suffered from chronic diseases, together with their parents, gathered around with 20 volunteers from Kids Impact and 14 co-assistant from RSUD Muntilan Pediatric Department in Sego Bamboo Resto, Yogyakarta.

The initial idea was to have an event to help heart disease patients, but in the end, it extended to include chronic disease patients. Everything was well arranged by our chief, Chen Wing Seng, who carried the responsibilities from buying tupperwares, ordering transport, and coordinating everything. Of course with others help. 3 buses were sent, 2 from RSUP Sardjito and 1 from RSUD Muntilan to pick up the participants for this event. Indeed, it was not a very grant event, but for the kids, perhaps it was.

There were a few activities, including face painting, nail arts, and coloring. It was entertaining to see the kids so excited about their favourite cartoons on their faces. Arvi had a very funny bee on his cheek, haha. I keep telling him that he should get an angry bird. Luckily the kids were not able to see their own faces, to realise that their Jerry is not brown, the hello kitty have asymmetrical eyes, or their angry birds smeared after a while. Despite that, satisfaction drew all over their faces. And the girls were so happy to finally get their nails painted. You see some of them maintaining their art by spreading 10 fingers and not moving them at all.
Me being painted on the face!
Everyone is provided with food. It was a great idea to serve the kids with tupperware they can bring home. It is not dr Juli's event, if it does not start and end with generosity. So there were a lot of free gifts, from schoolbags, to toys. I can imagine the participants leaping happily when they reached home. The kids were more than happy when they reached out to their toys. And there were two huge maskots in the event. I have to say Kids Impact actually helped A LOT! If the event were to depends solely on koas, i guess it would be bored as hell.
Our beloved dr Juli
dr Juli was having fun threatening us to sing in front. Her style of heating the atmosphere: " nanti bikin presentasi klo g nyanyi. Nanti ga dapat tanda tangan klo  ga nyanyi." @.@ Wing who happens to be healthy, presented with a very soothing song on "flying without wings". Bambi, Harry and Rizal apparently have pretty amazing voices. Rama's "Up Town Girl" sounds a bit... ... ... Haha, since i am the writer here, I decided not to talk about me =P. It turned out to be a karaoke session at the end of the event.
I am one of the poor victim
Sego Bamboo has a very lovely evening breeze. It is the end of the my week in Muntilan, so dr Juli made Wing, Rama and I wrote "love" letters for her. I doubt she will keep it, even though she said she will. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" when you have a teacher like dr Juli.
hmm.. wonder why Wing seems so big fat here.

Note from the author: Goodbye to fellow UII koas, till we meet again. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Paediatrics in Muntilan

Everyone has a dream. Sometimes you got drifted away from yours, and more often you don't really remember what brings you here the in first place. Until, something reminded you.

I met this paediatric specialist in a small outskirt hospital. She is smart, that is one thing. She is super concern about our education. That is second. But one thing that amazed me the most. She is what i thought a doctor should be. Holistic and Care for the patients.

Patients missed out school, she bought books, uniforms and school bags for them. Patients control in poli came in with their achievement report, she bought toys for them as encouragement. Not lousy toys, but those expensive ones i don't even have as a kid. She feels for the babies. "Susah jadi bayi kan, ga bisa gerak." judging on the indonesian culture of swaddling babies so tightly they can't move. It takes a lot for someone to be kind. It takes a lot more for someone to take any realistic action. Can i not be amazed? I ll call her my teacher.

My teacher controls everything. Is like there is nothing she is not in control of. From as mild as body fluid to growth of a child. Is like God manipulating the human body on finger tips. From managing her students and nurses to the renovation of the pediatric's ward. Yes, one can easily called her an egoist. But i have to admit, i have the tendency to do that too, only that i can't because i am not capable of doing so.

5 weeks here, everyday is rushing by. My teacher made me realised that there is a lot more things i need to know. And a doctor can actually do much more than just refer a patient to a specialist that might not actually know what they should do. Especially in paediatric, parents tend to ask creative questions. I actually feels that i can do much more than just follow the protocol. Can you believe that my teacher actually spent around 8 hours per day with us? from visiting patients, discussion, to night discussion on whatapps. I wonder how she got so much energy and so much enthusiasm to teach and to "torture" us. But with this much of time spent, I felt that there is so much more knowledge to be absorbed, and i realised that so much more out there is yet to be discovered by me.

5 years in Indonesia, i met teacher who are smart, but no time. Or have a lot of time, but no brains. Only now i met this one teacher that have all brain, heart, soul and time. Most importantly, a role model for me (only that i have to be rich and smart to be her).

5 weeks, this is definitely not enough.