Sunday, May 26, 2013

Excuse Me God

I used God as an excuse today. A friend (A) came late for work, and she happened to replace another friend (B) who need to go to church. I explained to my boss that friend B will not come today because she need to go to church. My boss misunderstood and thought that friend A came late because she had to go to church. And... I dint clear the doubt. I used church as an excuse for my friend to come late. My boss scolded a few words. I supposed she was not happy, but this is better than no excuse. God became an excuse, worse, an excuse to come late. I don't know why I let that happen.

When all medicine fails, my advice will be "just pray". Sounds like, any unsolved problem, just throw it to God. If God is my friend, He will be damn frust with me. Haha. However, I do believe in praying. Followers call it praying, Science calls it self-hypnosis. When you truly believe what you wish for, the chances of happening actually increase. God become the one to carry all the responsibility and all the damages that we had done. Will God be tired one day, with all these irresponsible human being, seeking for help when they are in the trouble that they created?

As much as i sound like i believe in God, i believe in Buddism. Happy Wesak Day!