Monday, April 22, 2013

Obgyn pwj

              It is hard to describe this place. Perhaps because I have been to Banjarnegara for obgyn rotation, Pwj became like a hell to me. Or perhaps the culture here is so much different from what I know. Like for example, the midwives don’t really care about us, I doubt they know our names. And the young midwives are so annoying that they never give us any chance to do anything. Their skills are not that good, yet they questioned our ability. They don’t thrust us koas in doing anything, so we are basically guests in the hospital. Alright enough about the midwives, the systems here kinda sucks. They don’t use lidocaine for all perineum suturing. They just asked the mothers to bite on a cloth. WTF! And they never use sterile glove when doing vagina examination. My goodness, I wonder who wanna deliver babies there.

                And next, the locals are not friendly. There was once, I went out for food. I sat on a table, waiting for my friends to arrive. Since the place was quite full, one family came and tried to conquer share my table with me. Okay. Then, the father took out a cigarette and smoke in front of me. There are plenty of spaces beside me, and I told him that he can sit there, so that my two friends can sit at the place that he was sitting. He answered me like I am a small girl asking for sweets. Frustrated, I just shifted away to the next table, and their whole family grinned like they just won a war. Crazy.

                So apparently I have a friend who I thought was quite close to us. She was from pwj. And we have no idea why when we reached pwj, she turned into someone we don’t know. Maybe, I am just assuming, she has a lot of works to do, and a lot of people to meet. Anyhow, we won’t let that stop us from exploring the city. This kabupaten is big actually, if you consider all the outskirt area. They have this angkut system, which was quite convenient, if you know how it works. The food is relatively more expensive, but not bad. Oh, and they eat goats and a subtype of duck (is call enthok), like a lot.  And we stayed near the paddy field where we have to pass by this big paddy field every morning. Every night, these frogs will start their orchestra with the crickets. Calm lifestyle.
on the way to hospital. with Twin Mountain behind us. 

They say this is the biggest beduk in the whole world.