Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY 2013

Maybe it’s the effect of getting old, when….


 Doesn’t seem interesting

And This >>

Doesn’t seem interesting as well.

Okay. Maybe they actually are supposed to be interesting, because it is rare, very rare, to find barongsai (Indonesian) a.k.a Lion dance (English) a.k.a Tarian Singa (malay) in Indonesia, performed by jawanist people, hosted by a 5 stars hotel. Also, Long (Indonesian) a.k.a Dragon dance (English), are performed, with an acceptable quality. The hotel also invited a singer who can’t speak Chinese to sing Chinese song, so she does sound a bit like the contestant in “猜猜猜” where we have to guess what song she was singing. The food is nice and I should say Rp150,000 for a buffet this much, worth the price.

No matter how nice the food tasted, no matter how good the environment looked. There is still one thing deep down everyone’s heart. We hope this is the last Chinese New Year that we have to celebrate away from home. Final Year. No more extension please. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dermatology in ugm

Finally finished this "paranoid-emic" stase. the whole stase i was worried whether i got scabies from the patients, or chicken pox, or whatever skin diseases. People came in decent and nice, when they opened their jackets, wooow wait a minute.....

I learned a lot in the outskirt hospitals. Luckily i same group with lailai, and so luckily i get to sit GT's car to Klaten. and even though i had to fetch AZ to and fro, i still thank God i never meet any unfortunate incidences on the road. This is one of the stase that requires us to go to and fro for one to two hours everyday to outskirt, sometimes forced to use winding mountain roads. Thanks to chew and panji who willing to change with me, or not i guess i would have to take 3 hours just to go up that hospital, and another 3 hours to come back, Everyday! gosh. can die with my lousy riding skills.

My outskirt hospitals happened to be nice. A lot of cases and nice doctors. Fun learning with my groupmates. The only thing is, ya, the paranoid problem. i bathed more frequently and more conscious with my unhealthy skin. I start to realise i have acne problem, which my specialist actually suggested me to go for treatment.(omg i still think what's the point.) And i have dermatitis numularis, and my skin is super dry, i think i can almost see scales.

oh nooo, i cannot be a dermatology specialist. i can't stand looking at only skin diseases everyday. My mum used to say, skin specialist is the best, coz you usually only treat acne. well, mummy, you are wrong! There are far more variety of skin diseases, and, acne is not that easy to treat.