Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dogs at night

(Not to be read by my housemates and any dogs lovers that might possibly kill me)

I hate dogs. They leave all those asthmatic-prone and cloths-sticking furs all over the air. And I hate them for being bike lovers; bite the back of my bike, and my seat as well. They think that everything on the floor is meant for them. They hurl themselves on anyone that walks in, friends or foes. And they mark all their territories with urine, everywhere!

No, DOGS! Those territories are MINE! Should I mark those territories with my urine to tell them that?!


In those lonely nights where you can only hear mosquitoes in the dark, they are there. When everyone is not around except me to guard the house, they are there. When I had just finish studying forensic and those traumatic pictures of the dead, the only living things big enough to accompany me in the house, are them.  

Honestly I still dislike dogs, but I have to admit they are a comfort to me at night, a good alert alarm, and a perfect partner for jogging.

Saturday, September 22, 2012