Wednesday, August 15, 2012

dokter's message

Annoyed by brief reply?
What about not receiving a reply?
This is a message we used to send to doctors (our teacher) here.

Feels like I am talking to the wall though.
Koas (clinical students) are really annoying creatures. We are the wall in policlinics, blocking the nurses here and there. We are also cctv, monitoring every actions of the residents. We are the noise producers.
We are also known to be the alarm clocks.

And our main task here as koas is:


3. Arrange meeting that will most probably be CANCELLED

4. FOLLOW behind

5. self study

6. learn

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One thing I realized, Malaysian has this funny habit of putting “one” behind sentences.
“Why so early one?”
“You don’t need to worry one.”
“She passed it to me one.”

I dint actually realized that until I was asked to explain. Okay. So it’s like. Erm... let me think.

One. Founded by the people of 19 centuries, it comes from the phase “that one” or “the one”. So, when you wanna explain “that early”, you replaced it with “early one”.

In English “why need to be that early?”,
In Malaysian version, “why so early one?”
So, it seems like One Malaysia already creep into us, embedded in our daily conversation.

Convincing enough. I was so proud of my crappy explanation on my Manglish, before I was asked to explain the rest.

“Need to go meh?”
“You want ma?”
“You think can hor?”
“Okay lo
“I thought you know only leh


Sooo... Manglish is not just about “lar” at the end of the sentences. 
I think we need to create a "Malaysian folks dictionary" for that.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I self diagnosed as a workaholic. Four days of holiday, I slept at 3 am, woke up at 6, continue to sleep until 8.30am. The amount of sleep I had during my holiday is much lesser. Started ENT station today, and right after I came home, I hit my bed and woke up 3 hours later. Soundly.

Is that a bad thing? Coz then it means that my life is merely about work. And that’s all.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

23rd 1st of August

My examiner yesterday, dr S, she really reminded me of June, my English teacher who always wish to go Jerusalem. They were so alike that many times in exam I thought she was my teacher, and somehow put me at ease. Hmm.... I hope my marks won’t go down the drain just because I gave wrong education to the patient.

 1st of August. Finished my exam, and stared blankly at my wall. Hmm.... what should I do today? Somehow I felt sooo free suddenly. And for half a second, I wish my exam is tomorrow and not today. At least then, I can tell myself, I am busy preparing for something useful on my birthday.

So I logged in facebook and started to comment “Thanks” in all the posts on my wall, at the same time wondering, do they really remember or only because of the notification. Apparently, I believe half of those, or more than half of those are just responding to notifications. But at least half of those are the people I can say “hey long time no see, I am still your friend in facebook?!”

Oh God, why do I sound so pathetic?! Hmm guess I been getting older. And believe it or not, four years here in Yogya, this is the first time I spend 1st of August in Indonesia. Every year I witness people celebrating certain people’s birthday, there will be a few comes with grudges. Even in small colonies, there are even smaller gangs. So I wanna break this curse. I don’t want anyone who doesn’t wish to celebrate my birthday to be there. Instead of smaller gangs in a small colonies, I rather one or two who can talks for hours. So I tell my friends, whoever asked about it, just come. Never ask about it, don't even invite. I want Peace~

Happy 23rd birthday to me.