Thursday, February 16, 2012


In a movie, when a guy climbed into your garden, hang some roses on your door, knock it before he leaves, during valentine, it is called romance.  But in real life, when you heard a door knock, and opened the door to find two apples hanging on the door.... and that is what we called as creepy....

And I wonder why apple? It reminds me of Snow White and the Witch. So none of us dare to touch the apple, not knowing who leaves it there. We just stood around it. The same guy poops up in our mind. John. It must be him! You know why we called him John? Ya, the Desperate Housewives’s John. Well, not that he is not cute, but sometimes it is just hard to communicate in a foreign language, especially when he is shy and a bit peculiar. Jan said we kept a candy boy in our backyard. LOL!

We nicknamed him gardener, since he had a heart for our garden, and came back to clean it even though he shifted away. And guess what, his ambition is to plan 10000 plants on earth. but weird, only one out of five of the cilli tree that we gave him actually survive. o.o. We thought that he don’t speak English, and talked loudly about him, until we found out that he posted English status in facebook. And I thought we should change the name gardener to garden boy, since gardener sounds old without the word boy. Haha!

PS: He is just a next door boy who likes gardening.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OSCE Compre!

It became so tense that I came to a point that nothing matters anymore. With palpitation the whole day, and every minutes while I was practicing, I almost died of arrythmia. I can’t imagine myself sleeping with my heart beating so fast! And I was wondering, will my adrenaline ran out by the time I sit in front of the simulated patients. God, is just simulated patients. Is not even some cute guy for Valentine.

Okay, anyway, it’s over now! Can you believe it! I actually finished my theory year! And I so wish I never had to wear that lab coat anymore. So wish that I passed all my stations, despite all the stupid mistakes I did. Somehow I came to a conclusion that, no matter how much you work on it, when you can’t keep your head, everything is just gonna turn upside down. I can finish minor surgery in 10 minutes at home, but..... when I was given 20 minutes, and God knows why I can’t finish it. Does washing hand without wiping it considered an aseptic procedure?! ARGH! And that IV, how can I make such a stupid mistake! This is soooo not me. Diagnosing Hepatitis as cholecystitis?! OMG! What was I thinking! How can I not remember HbsAg?

God had been so nice to me by giving me nice doctors and not so difficult cases, and not in the same group with some competitive- perfect-Goddess. If I gonna screw up this time, I only have myself to blame. DAMN! (Bang Head). Screw it! It’s Over! You know what, I am not gonna think about it anymore. It’s over! It’s all up to my doctor’s mercy to decide now. So I just gonna forget about it... ... ... well, at least that was what I said since this morning. And I am still recalling it. Great. 

PS: Pathetic. I am palpitating about OSCE during valentine. Medical Student, i am.