Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Instalasi Rehabilitasi Medis

We had a task to do in this block. We had to write a report on our visit to the Medic Rehabilitation center, anamnesis a patient and just look around. Basically, the medic rehabilitation center is just like a gymnasium, where people with limited movement do their regular exercise to improve their body function. Nothing very interesting actually. In fact I feel that the nurses and therapists there are more than the patients around.

There is this kid that caught my attention. A 2 year old boy with Rubella and CMV before his premature birth, with cataract, hearing impairment, and stiff extremities. Before he even gets a chance to see the world, he has to combat viruses. The idea of can’t move your arms and legs right after you are born, not able to look and to listen, it is a total world of your own! Well, except one thing, human touch. And he looks so innocent lo.  Then a friend of mine was telling me, hmm… I think we should start to appreciate our life. Yea. But I was thinking, I am sooo wanting to be a good doctor.


其实我不知道我去哪里了。失去自我的感觉好像越来越明显。我竟然会怀念以前的我。太可笑了。至少沉淀在不真实的世界,发白日梦,比失去方向好多了。至少烦有没有奖学金,比有事没事都拿来烦好吧。有点不喜欢这样子的感觉,心情非常的糟糕。想找个如此落寞的原因,却好像找不出来也。说来说去,我好像很不知足。原本说好要乐观、乐观、乐观,乐观能吸进更多正面的力量…… 可是好像都失败了。乐观的我,沉睡了吗?如何唤醒快乐的细胞?

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Chinese New Year. All I get to do now is wrap myself in my orange blanket, sneeze once in a while and watch outside the window at the strong blowing wind. And so, I took my handphone out and messaged Ah Theng. Ya. I don’t think I can join the visiting this year, it seems.

What did I do this whole Chinese new year? Erm…. Went to my grandma house, ate some chips and cookies, listened to mum boost and crap, watched plenty of movies on the TV with lots of white lines on it, and caught flu, cough and slight fever. Boring one~

Guess I am being a total social retard this year. I think I am going to bed. Again.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011