Friday, July 30, 2010

Road Trip 1 Perlis

The journey to Perlis was long and tiring. Tze Yin father drove us to LCCT early in the morning (2 hours). We took an early flight to Penang (50 minutes-so short we dint even notice time flies), took 401 bus to Jetty (45 minutes of scanning KL-like-view), took a ferry to mainland, took City Liner bus to Alor Setar and then to Perlis. When we reached Perlis, it was already 2pm in the afternoon.

We took our lunch (sorry no photo ‘cause we were too hungry) and then depart to the north. I have to say that zijing and her friends were very friendly and hospitable in accompanying us and planning everything for us. Moving around this small yellow blue city (many structures and buildings are yellow and blue just like the color of its flag) with a car is much easier and convenient. Thanks to Siew Tze. And zijing of course.

We went to collect the Bak Pau we ordered earlier. Apparently that was the only famous shops that sell famous pau. Gosh, it was bigger than my face!

After that, Zijing drove us to Padang Besar. With her terror driving skills, thank God we reach safely. Her juniors showed us the way, opening their car doors once in a while. LOL… maybe they dun have air cond in the car.

Padang Besar is the border between Malaysia and Thailand, so we get to eat nice Thailand food!!! Cool!

Thailand Tomyam! Cukup rasa!!!!

Somtam! the taste was just perfect!

You Rui, Zijing, Tze Yin and me!

In the shops!

There is a market selling all sort of Perlis food. Zijing said Perlis is a monsoon tropical country, thus in this rainy season, it is likely to pour and very unpredictable. While we were bargaining, we were so lucky we met the rain. It pours, turning the market into wet markets. A spectacular view though we almost bathed when the one of the canvas accidentally fell.

We walk pass custom too, creating a lot of scene and laugh. LOL.. apparenty UPP officers like zijing type of girls. =P

After that, we drove to Arau and Kuala Perlis. On the way, there were Paddy Field and Sugar Cane. Not forgetting beautiful mountain and refreshing air. It is like stretches and stretches of greens, wow!

sugar cane plantation

After we checked in, we went to Zijing Maktab for a while before going for Dinner in one of the famous seafood restaurant near the Jetty to Langkawi Island. Siew Tze and Ming Pei join in the dinner. Aha! Two new friends.


After dinner, Charles suggested us to move out to the balcony to take some photos. It was dark, but we can see lights from the jetty. Then when I was testing on my night snap shot, I heard people singing Happy Birthday song from behind. Gosh! I was surprised! How does this happen! My new friends who I just met for a few hours actually brought the cake there and actually join in the surprise. I was sooo touched and shocked!

The night ends with some pillow talk and laughter. It had been so long since I ever had that kind of warm talk with my friends. Loving it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Perhaps I can come to a conclusion that, everyone gets their downs, at certain point in their lifetime. And as always, when you are down, u felt that no one will ever understands you. And the pain you felt will be so excruciating, unbearable, invisible, stab through your heart. And it often happens when you lose something or someone, important to your life. You felt like life is empty, life is nothing, you can’t see further from where you stand. That was when you were from the first person view.

When you are in the second person view, you felt some pain, but not all. You watch the suffering; you try to recall how you felt, what you need, but often helpless. You know you were once down, but the pain was no longer there. Psychology work someway to blocks it away, and you were quite numb at that point. You know you had pain, but recalling nothing but battle scar. So, you tell yourself you need to be there. That’s all they need. And perhaps, you will tell them all the advices you gain from your experience, do all the good things others have done to you, hoping they will heal a bit. It was like trying to recall how hard UPSR paper was when you were that age.

When you are in the third person view, things seem to be so far away. Somehow, you will avoid people in bad mood. Then you will tell yourself, maybe you dint know the whole story. You will criticize. Then you watch those gradually transform, locking themselves in their own world, own closet. The feeling was like watching a drama, a gossip topic.

I am in the point of life, where my pals and I are constantly thinking, yet constantly confused. And all of a sudden, the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling became so useful.

“Tuesday With Morrie” Learn to detach from emotion suddenly make all the sense to me. You won’t understand when you have never experience it. You won’t know how to detach when you never find a way yourself. Life is all about venturing into the unknown, and discovering.

“But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your head even, you experience them fully and completely. You know what pain is. You know what love is. You know what grief is. … I have experienced that emotion. I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for a moment.”

“Same for loneliness: you let go, let the tears flow, feel it completely – but eventually be able to say, ‘All right, that was my moment with loneliness. I’m not afraid of feeling lonely, but now I’m going to put that loneliness aside and know that there are other emotions in the world, and I’m going to experience them as well.”

(Tuesday with Morrie)