Monday, May 31, 2010

Evacuation 2010

I lied on the drag bar, staring at the cloudy night sky with full moon. XW said, when the sky is cloudy, it will turn a slight violet color. Yes, it was cloudy indeed, covering up all the stars above. My legs immobilized, and my whole body waved rhythmically at every step of those carrying me. Once in a while, I heard people asking, “Are you alright? Are you still conscious?” But, more often, I heard commotion and people complaining that they were tired.

Same time last year, I was being carried on the drag bar. I fell into the huge drain during TBMM evacuation, my ankle twisted, and the fluid in my semicircularis duct and cerebellum dysequilibrate for a while causing dizziness and sort of orthostatic hypotension. So, I was unable to walk and was carried on the drag bar for a distance. This year, I was immobilized on a drag bar, not because I fell down or something, but I am a member of TBMM and played as a victim. Zzzzzz

The juniors tied me up, and carry me on their arms or shoulders. Once in a while, I was left right in the middle of the road, because they think 37kg is much too heavy for them to handle. God… I am proud to say that i think we did a better job last year. At least we were fast enough and we do all the correct procedures. They seem a bit blur though. Somehow rather, it was fun being carried by people, haha pity them.

My station was in the so-called ghost house, which was a distance from the campus. Screw that damn ghost house, no toilet. I ran to the nearby lodge and asked for toilet; in the dark, I faintly saw one girl staring at me with her big eyes. For a moment, I thought I was talking to a non-human. I quickly ran away and met the “grave guard” to substitute me while I ran to the campus toilet. After my post ended, Me, Ge An and Eunice went to other posts to help out. Hehe. Then we together with Lailai went to Mc D.

Weird, I never know the route we taken last year, not until now though. It seems so different when we see things at night. But, reminiscent reminiscent, one year had passed.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wesak in Borobudur

Yesterday was Wesak day, the day of Buddha Enlightenment. There was a very grand celebration in Borobudur Temple, which is around an hour drive from Yogyakarta. The traffics were very heavy in the morning. I heard there were a few Monks who came all the way here, and thus many Buddhist and travelers came, even fly from Malaysia. I was quite busy and only able to follow the night session.

When we reached there, we were quite late. It had passed the visiting hours and the guard wants us to leave our IC behind. Wing finally left his and we managed to walk pass the Guard Gates. Phew…. Then, we lost our way and a guy selling umbrella brought us in through the side doors. Haha. Now, we know how to break in Borobudur Temple. =P

The next thing I know, I was amazed by the majestic Borobudur temple. Never had I seen Borobudur at night, and this was….speechless.
Then, a few people offered us candles and we followed the parades, lead by a monk, around the Borobudur temple, accompanied by the chant. I am a Buddhist, but I had never followed a parade before and thus I was very very excited. After 3 rounds, we placed our candle on the ground, and there were many candles there, arranging in words of worship.

The moon was very very bright that night, forming a circle right at the tip of Borobudur temple, like an enlightenment of Borobudur temple. Marvelous.

Next, we light up the 孔明灯 (a huge praying lamp where you can wish for something and send up to the air). At first, we were just watching, then I asked a monk, “bisa tolong?” and to my excitement, he said yes! So, we started to help to light up almost 10 praying lamps with all different wishes. I accidentally punctured one praying lamp!!! I thought the monk would scold me or don’t need my help anymore. But, instead, he took another one, and wanted me light it up. Ohhhh… it was a great night. Seeing hundred of praying lamps on the sky, gradually getting smaller and turn into stars, carrying hundred of wishes, the feeling were great.

Me, Yinli, Leelee and Wing were separated from the groups when we rounds the Borobudur. After we lighted up the praying lamps, we started to search for the others. And due to some miscommunication, we ended up the opposite site of the temple and met 9 monks sitting in a row. I guess they are from Thailand as I heard them speaking.

We went back after that, contented.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

visiting PG madukismo

In conjunction with block 2.5 (adult), we went to visit a sugar factory to see the ergonomic of the workers. Well, I had never really visit a factory before, and it felt like primary school. Haha.

PG Madukismo is a sugar factory near Bantul. It has a long history and the factory function seasonally. (Funny, I thought sugar cane is not a seasonal plants.) Anyway, when we visited the factory, it was not sugar cane season, so they dint really produce a lot of sugar at that moment. Unluckily also, it was their lunch time, so basically, we just visited an empty factory, with the person- in-charge telling us how the factory and machines function and what the workers will normally do.

We sat on this small "train"(because there is trail on the road) to go to the factory from the main office. It moved extremely s-l-o-w and started to attract the pedestrian's attention. Some children started to wave at us. De javu, i thought i was in Safari.

These are the "trains" transporting sugar cane to the factory.

Workers blending the sugar cane. This picture can be used to write my reports. Haha.

Machines that produce sugar.... Too bad we can't witness the production ourselves.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

block 2.4

I wonder why God give me such a game to play. Some people said I dint study wide enough. So, I borrowed specialist’s book and start reading them. Maniac! Some people said I dint study to remember. So, I repeated the same lecture slides many many times and try to remember everything in it. Idiot! Some people said I dint understand. So, I understand everything.
God Damn It! I really do! I studied like more than 5 times for block 2.4, studied Sadock, study everything that I can. What the fuck to see I am ONE QUESTION away from A/B! God Damn It! WHY!!!!

I packed my bag and head straight home, skipped my tutorial. Just yesterday, I told Wing I ll do all the LO. Just this afternoon, I asked Rufus what time is tutorial. Just today’s lunch, I told Woan Siang to relax. And now, I am at home, skipping tutorial, unstable emotionally. I am not feeling that well. Even if i sit in the tutorial room, it would have meant nothing. What was my mistake? I don't know. I really really have no idea. And all my mum said was, “I can’t hear you!”

Screw the God Damn UGM. Screw you always make mistake. Screw you never arrange timetable properly. Screw you never set the questions properly. Screw you don’t know how to teach properly. SCREW YOU!!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

lameeee topic

My stupid brother asked me an idiot question.
Is that even a question?
Life itself is already so disappointing. I desparately need to see more good people in my life.

Saturday, May 1, 2010