Sunday, March 28, 2010

Start Study!

I have been hibernating for very long time, I guess. But, to say the truth, there is nothing to be posted. I officially ended my busy life by quitting PKPMI, chosen the easiest job in TBMM, finished my CIMSA work. What else… I am actually free of responsibility now! Ok…. Despite Salsa and Waltz and some always-absence-tbmm-event, I have nothing to do actually.
Perhaps I have made up my mind to study like shit for the rest of my four years here. Dull and boring life, low profile and back to books. Staring back at my results, actually I dint really do well. I can’t remember a single thing of what I have studied. My pointer was less than 3.5. Am I paying insufficient attention?

A crazy thought just flash by. If I met an accident, suddenly unable to remember episodic memory but retained procedural memory, must I repeat my 1st year? Definitely… coz all my studies are stored in hippocampus without transferring to long term store. Ok… I don’t know whether my theory is right here. But, whatever. My point is…. I have got to get myself extremely familiar with all the mechanism, all the drugs, everything, transfer it to procedural memory, something I am as familiar as riding a bicycle, or bathing, or walking, as easy as that. I don’t wish to kill.

I can’t imagine the difference now. Why some people manage to remember sooo much from what we have studied last year, while me…. none… Perhaps that explain why I am not a four pointer, but that don’t give me an excuse. Why am I so sure that I have reached my limits? I don’t know. But one thing for sure, I have lost the determination.

So, i decided to give myself another chance. Shut down my busy life. Start concentrating, accept expert opinion, understand really well, memorise like shit, and see the results. I doubt i still my perseverance with me (i have no idea where it went), but, at least i must try, right? So... i guess there ll be lesser stories from me for quite some time.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

to Solo

I had 4 days of holidays, so I planned a trip to Solo. We hired a driver and depart from my house to Tawangmangu, which is around an hour drive from solo. It is a highland (gunung lawu) and we had to drive through Cameron-like-road on the way up. We visited Gronjongan Sewu, greeted by a bunch of monkeys trying to snatch food from us.
The scenery was cool. Nice waterfall. We had a small picnic there and took some photos too.

Me taking photos with Momo… (okay, I just named the monkey)

Yay, successful in taking a stroll down and up 1225 stairs.

We asked the driver to drive up the hill. Wow, nice…. Many huge mansions indeed and the air was chilly (at least I think so).

Next stop, we went to Candi Ceto. It was indeed a mysterious place. There were many figures where locals still offer prayers.

The gateway seems interesting. There were a few of these structures around and they seems like being separated into two...
There were many small stones turtles and the most interesting part was the figure on the ground. We know nothing about it, but it seems like there were some crabs, turtles, fish and different kind of animals arrange in a remarkable position. Later did I realise that ceto means sea monster in greek. The ground we stepped on, it sounded hollow. *suspicion*. A very mysterious place.

Look what they pray at!

We then separated into two cars and left for our own destination. A few friends and I went Sangiran Museum to see some anthropology bones. Apparently, there was some miscommunication and the driver mistaken that it was near when it is not, we were late when we reached there. There were 2 exhibition rooms and we only managed to see one.

After that, we went Olivia’s restaurant for dinner and then proceed to Solo Grand Mall for shopping before we return to yogya.