Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cap Goh Mei dinner

Cap Goh Mei nite. Since it is eastern Valentine Days, yinli was sugesting to cook and have a get-together to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year. So, we invited all the single girls who have no dates to have dinner together. There was no ancient throw mandarin ceremony though.
okay.. maybe not all SINGLE girls. Some 'not available' girl sesat sini also...

food... by our great cook, Xiang wei and Yinli...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

PKPMI Open House

Yesterday, i went for PKPMI Open house in Hartz Chicken. Of course i went, because there is good food, and most of all, it is FREE. Aha... ketinnk!!
This is the only time we can meet all the seniors we never met. Apparently everyone is attracted to good chicken. =P

Photo after meal. Satisfied.

PKPMI biro pendidikan... yup... and i am officially off the post after one year of work and experience. yay! But, i still have to finish up the Jawa class stuff. T.T

And and... i am not involved in PKPMI anymore! hmm.. it is time to take a rest.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

screw the lecturers

Just because I SMILE at the lecturer for saying PUBLIC hair instead of Pubic hair, he called me to pay attention. Idiot man! I dint even laugh at you! You forget to take medicine isit??
“The smiling girl…” =.= FUCK YOU!!!
Probably he knew he said stupid things repeatedly, so I became a black sheep to cover up his mistake. Puberty is puberty, not Pub-berty, okay! Insanity! Since smiling is prohibited, I guess talking would be a NO NO. Then, he complained, “Is silence in the class a good thing?” FUCK YOU! You got premenstrual syndrome isit?

Then the insane woman. The list to attend PKPMI open house at Chicken Hartz had been passing around the lecture hall. When it reached me, she asked, “why are you two passing the notes? The guy and the girl there.” YOU TWO?! WHAT THE FUCK! Are you blind or what? Okay. I forgive you, so I explained. She then said, “do you want to do it outside?” WHAT A SHIT! I TOLD YOU is a BATCH LIST! NOT my NOTES! Not even anything to do with me! I dint even intend to write anything inside! You must as well call the whole batch to go outside and pass the paper. IDIOT WOMAN. Dah la blind, deaf pulak. Not only that, pandai bark lagi. The staff in the Anthro lab directed us to the room, she scolded him and said, “Please don’t give instruction to the students” in front of us!! Aunty, can you be a bit polite? At least don’t scold him in front of us la!

Then we have a very very stupid lab session. We were directed to a room where we have to go in one by one to remove our cloths and examine our own sexual organs. In this case, breast and pubic hair for ladies while penis, scrotum and pubic hair for guys. =.=” We see them everyday, is this even necessary? After that, we were to write a report, describing OUR sexual organ! CRAZY! I don’t even know how to start an essay.

Sunday, February 7, 2010








In the Kitchen

Let me tell you what i did today. You won't believe it.
I baked cookies!!!
Okay, to be honest, the recipe was prepared by mum, but i did the rest!
Kinda lame, but not so if you know that i made more than 5 trays of cookies!!

This is how they looked like. Not bad huh? (clap please). At least they were not out of shape.

Oh, i also put the cherries on top. Believe me, it was a lot of work.

This is how they looked like after sitting in the oven for 10 minutes. But, mum was the one sitting beside the oven to take it out. If me, i guess all will turn charcoal black.

Then i put everything in the containers for chinese new year.

Wait wait wait. I am not done yet. Today, i cooked dinner for my family too. (clap please). But again, mum was standing beside to tell me what is the meaning of "cooked". If she wasn't there, i guess everyone is gonna have Sushi for the night.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My New House

I love my house!!! I LOVE MY NEW HOUSE. Of course, i still miss my old house, and sometimes, in my dreams, the image of my old house is irreplacable. But, still, i like this house. Despite the fact that it is kinda far (maybe because i have no idea how to go back home), it is huge... and of course, comfortable.

So, i couldn't wait to show people my new house. But, apparently, i guess no one will pay me a visit. So, as vain as i can be, let me show you here. Follow me to the hall...

And here is the Garden

My kitchen...

The hall upstairs. And that is my brother.

Okay, here comes my room. I love my room, 'cause i finally see spaces in my room. Compared to the one in Indonesia, "finally, i can breath!" Well, saw some empty space there. It is supposed to be occupied by a book rack, packed with medical books, and a mirror. Perfect!

my bed. Queen Size leh! So nice! The walls are empty... hmmm... considering to build a puzzle and frame it. Nice...

Okay. Done ss-ing...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back Home sem break

I am home. Finally. Everything seems perfect! A huge new room, around 3 times the room in azarine. A new house which seems a bit too big, because I thought I heard echo when I speak in the dining hall. Wonderfull. It is just awesome. And I am spending time with my lovely family. Though they might seem irritating at times, but at least I can’t sense evil in their smile. This is just somewhere I belong.

Bro has been holidaying for very long. And he is starting to get very lazy, staring at the computer whole day, refusing to help in household and refusing to find a job. I guess mold will start to grow on him. But still, he refuses to do anything. The only things he knows how to do is kept spending. Spending time, spending money, spending everything that he has. When I try to save money, he is spending everything that I save. Somehow, just as I see some people, “look that him, he only knows how to take money from his parents.” “My God, can’t she find a job rather than shaking her legs and home and be proud of it?” “Can a guy be more gentlemen?”…. Everything reflects on my brother. Sometimes I just wish he did grow up. But I have a feeling; he did stick to the family until he gets married.

Sis is studying hard, yet making less progress. I use to wonder, how hard is it to study. I always though she dint make any effort. But, now that I finally find difficulty in studying medicine, that I realize, there is always a limit in everyone. I did feel like banging my head into the wall, trying to key in data in my hippocampus. And when everything just came out of order, it is not you that decides. The only thing you can do is try to handle the glance around you.

I hadn’t met any of my friends yet. Nobody is in hometown currently, at least I din’t know anyone is back just yet.

Currently, to do list
  • Clean and pack my room

  • Change the camera that I just bought. It makes stupid sound, I must tell the shop.

  • Check out the price for new printer and scanner.

  • Key in data for summer course

  • Find a suitable video for Jawa Class

  • Get my old hard disk repaired

  • Shopping for new clothes, if mum insisted

  • Help mum bake some cookies

  • Find a bookshelf for my room

  • Find a body size mirror for my room

  • Find a desk for my room

  • Visit my grandma

  • catch up with old friends when they come back

  • Celebrate CNY. Yay…