Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life as usual

The day before Christmas Eve. Tutorial ended. I walked to the canteen as usual. Ordered ‘mi ayam’ as usual. Then I noticed something. Quiet. There was no one in the canteen except the workers. Unusual. Relieved, I sat at one corner, enjoying the peace, enjoying the breeze against my face. The man brought me my order, and I started eating.

A few minutes later, someone interrupted my peace. I looked up.

“Mbak, bias gak?” and he pointed at the chair in front of me. I nodded. Then another girl came. And another one. And another one. Before I realized, I am already sharing table with three other girls. And the canteen was crowded. As usual.

Life as usual.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tremor in Lecture Hall

“Anti diarrheal is especially used in baby and children…”

I was writing down everything the lecturer mentioned. Then, something irritated me. Somebody was shaking his leg. Somebody. Mak who sit next to me? No? He didn’t look like he was shaking his leg. Then, I wanted to look who was sitting next to Mak. Just then, Mak looked up, with the same look I had and asked, “why is it shaking?” I know instantly something was wrong.

The powerpoint slide screen in front shake. Everybody started to look around. No one make a move out. THE WHOLE HALL IS SHAKING!!!! For goodness sake!!! Guess who was the first person to leave the seat? Yes, the lecturer. And she was like… just.walk.out.

LOL… but within a few minutes, everything settled back down. No brick falls. No casualties. No further stories. Yup. Just tremor in the lecture hall which ended the lecture right away.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Depress dog

Have you ever seen a dog that looks more depress than me? 

He is just one-two months old, and he looks like he hates the whole world, with a pair of emo eyes. But he is cute and bounces here and there. Most importantly, he responded to my call. Sad eyes. I don’t even have the heart to shout at him. Maybe till he is a little bit older. So, I placed that little fella into my arms, and he stopped whining instantly. Within minutes, he felt asleep. Peace. Like a baby. (Don’t be mistaken, I do not like kids.) But this is just so heart melting! How could I even shout at him? Even if I have steel heart, he is just too… small… too… weak…

The little guy likes sand and grass, and can’t control his bladder. He had an ulcer on his neck, add on to his sadness. Maybe because of his emo-ness that I felt like giving him a little bit more attention. And Tipsy is like an elder sister, wondering whether all the attention had shifted to the other member in the house. Lolz. They are just like human. But I guess from now onwards, Tipsy has a friend to play with. At least now she doesn’t need to play with herself, catching air in the living hall. =)

Saturday, December 11, 2010





Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ungrateful people

I may be nice, but I am not stupid. Please do not use me. I am tired of all this shit. Imagine that I spend one whole hour doing the computerizing and drawing that graph. All you did is spend a few minutes asking me for the answer. You just need to ask it a little bit more sincerely. But why do you all sound like it is a must to help you?

Why does everybody sound like it is a must to help them? This is not my work. I don’t get paid for this. I don’t get paid for collecting and transferring lecturer slides. I don’t get paid for running errands. I don’t get paid for helping you guys in your homework. I don’t even get paid for running around the campus like a crazy lady. I did my role, nicely and I don’t get praise for it. All I get is blame, when I din’t help. And by doing this, why has it turns out to be a must for me? What the hell! What has the world turns out to be? They are not sincere. They are not stupid. They are just lazy and think that they are smart for being able to use people. I believe in Karma, but I am sick of it.

Yesterday, another guy asked me for lecture slides, and he really sounded sincere and apologetic to disturb me late at night. Somehow, I felt please being able to help. I don’t know how, but it truly made a difference. So, if you are not sincere, next time I will say no. If you really need my help, I did be happy to do so, but make sure I won’t hear things like, “why hasn’t you send me your graph?” I been doing too much charity that I need to do more for myself.

Sunday, November 28, 2010



一位女同事说,成熟的人,不管在任何场合,都能和别人相处融洽。是么?我大大的不展同。能否和人相处融洽,只是人的个性。如果一个人生性不爱说话,难道说他永不成熟?而那些能够很随和的和别人交谈,是好,但我不当他成熟,我称他为社交好,PR 好。如果用社交的态度面对所有亲友,此类人,我译为虚伪。在众多社交朋友当中的,又有几位是患难之交?说起来,此类人,更显孤独。适者生存。在任何转变的环境下,生物都回随环境而改变。面对不同的人,不同的环境,自然有不同的心态,不同处事态度。我不当他为成熟。



Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to disaster

I hate to go back! Like a lot!!!! I just don’t understand them! Have us sent back by TUDM, and before the Merapi mount stop entirely, want us to go back there. WHAT IS THIS! A waste of air tickets and time! And that dusty place itself makes my nerves go tension. Not to include all the study stress yet! Now with every classes clump together, it doubles or triples my tension level! What is this man!

Ya… JPA never forced us to go back before 21st. But classes begin at 15th, even before airport is open (on 15th). Is this not crazy? Even when classes resume on 15th, we have tones of catch up to do. ARGH!!!!!! THIS IS INSANE! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Evacuated from Merapi Eruption

To experience life, you have to attend one funeral, and survive through one natural disaster. A sudden surge of emptiness, that is how I am gonna describe the feeling. As if nothing is more important than being able to breath, lecture notes, homeworks, properties, all left behind.

4th November
This time, there is no more ash rain. It’s stone rain. Rain drops as big as a corn, falling down the sky, hitting hard on the roof to produce symphony that shakes our attention. Rain with thunder plus another sound—low, repetitive, somewhat sounds like wind blowing across the sky. It is not wind! It is volcanic eruption!

5th November
Early morning, I was a bit emo. Perhaps the sky has changed my mood. The floor gets dirty every one hour after we mopped. The water drainage system behind got clogged. It is all dirty outside the house, and inside too.

I supposed to have no class that day, but I have planned a full schedule for my day. I even planned to send a few books to the photocopy shops, attend my French class etc etc. Okay, and the most important thing, I was angry at someone that morning. Frustration, grudges….

Then all of a sudden, everyone seems to be shifting away. Yanyi’s neighbor shifted, my French class teacher evacuated. Was wondering what was going on. Yinli messaged the Embassy and asked when we should evacuate. We expect a calm answer as usual, but not this time. “Evacuating now!” And all the frustration and grudges was left behind.

A sudden chaos. Phone calls, messages, packing…. Then, news came in “gather at IP at 9.45am!” We stared at the clock. 9.30am. This is crazy! And there is a lot of things that I couldn’t bring with me. I left behind plenty. Yinli went to check out if the news was true, while Hsiao suan sent our luggage to IP. Then Mak came to pick all four of us up to the gathering site. The whole road was practically full of dust; we couldn’t even spot the motorcyclist if they had never on their lights.

It was already full of people and bags. We will be evacuated to Solo, around 65km away from yogya. The place should be fine. 
Lim offered me a place in his car to go down to Solo. I accepted. A car was much comfortable than bus. But, as Mak’s car was emptier, and lim’s car was practically full, I switch to Mak’s car. So, we drove down Solo.
We checked into a “so call hotel” and stayed in. This so-call-hotel is not big, but we have to fit a number of people. Four people in my small rooms, and the pipe water was malfunction. We had only one small pail to fill the slow flowing water. So, imagine our clumsiness, with soaps all over, staring at the water to get filled up.  
Despite all this, we actually took a taxi to shopping mall. We bought cakes to celebrate Joanna’s birthday, and 21 wafers for ho hwee’s birthday. Muahaha.
6th November

 “Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~~~~…..” A song for Joanna, celebrating her 20th birthday!

With Ho Hwee thinking we only celebrate for Joanna, we push out the 21 wafers and continue singing bday song for Ho Hwee.
We done some shopping and of course had a dinner in a tiochiu restaurant. Celebrating Birthday when we were actually evacuee… LOL… This is hell of a fun. To have fun despite all the tiredness and frustration, somehow it is a comfort.

We were told that we will be evacuated back the next morning. But during the meeting, they told us the airport was closed. No plane was allowed to fly. Crap! Stuck in Solo. There is mishap happens to a plane and to get in a TUDM (Army Plane) in requires a lot of procedures. So the flight was delayed. Some says it is even safer to not to fly coz u won’t know what will happen to the plane in the air. Merapi smokes and ashes might just kill us on the way back.

Disappointment! Uncertainties! ARGH!!!!

Then they told us that we will have the TUDM to come in the next afternoon. But it was not confirmed yet either. Waiting and waiting~~~ But one thing for sure. There was no lecture notes for a while. No study stress. Nothing at all. Just waiting to go back. That’s it.

7th November
We woke up early that morning. And today, there is much waiting. Waiting for gathering. Waiting to go to the airport. Waiting to collect passport. Waiting to pay money. Waiting for the TUDM plane. Waiting to get clearance. Waiting is much more tiring than studying the whole day. Waiting……

And from morning 7am, we waited until 4pm. Finally, we saw the plane. Grey. Short. Small.

We were disallowed to take photos, so i can only take from far.

The air tickets

We went in the plane from behind. It looks so unreal. So like computer games. So like a movie. Is so unbelievable that I am entering an army flight, C-130 Hercules Army Plane! And finally After all the waiting. I saw the plane. We can go home! We can go home!

There is some press conference, some announcement, with tv crew and reporters right after we landed. I don't get it. Isit that proud to run away from natural disaster? We are doctors! I felt a bit uneasy on this. We are doctors but we are running away like rats. Yea, i agree with yy. But somehow, to a certain point, it is better not to give burden to them by being a victims if your ability is limited. That is how i console myself.

8th November
I stayed one night in Yinli's house, as there is no more bus tickets to go back Malacca. Yinli's family was hospitable. And I left early morning with breakfast prepared. Really appreciate that.

Then i took an LRT to Bukit Jalil. The thing is, i had never been there, luckily Shida was with me, or i will be like a deer entering a village. Lost.

And yes. I am back, with unexpected holidays, not knowing when i can go back to study, not knowing what the futures lies to me. And i truly hope it will settle as soon as possible. Hopefully the mount wouldn't kill so many.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I don’t think I can be a surgeon, ‘cause wearing a mask every hour kills me. Those people who invented mask, they just assume that everybody’s face surface area is the same. None fits me well. And every mask looks extra big. I can put my fingers in through the side. And I just don’t get the point of having sonar for lower half of my face. Argh.

You know, government has his way of doing things. They proudly announced to the world that they donated RM4000 for student in Yogyakarta to buy mask and eye drops. There are around 500 students here, and each mask cost only 40cents. So, each of us gets 3 masks. And 2 persons share one eyedrop. Let’s say an eye drop costs us RM4. We only spent around RM1600 in total, which is not even half of the money. And tell me, does the eye drops cost so much when you buy in bulk? Neh… maybe my math is just too lousy to judge.

But seriously, I hate mask. And all this dusty road, dusty place, it ruins my mood.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Volcanic Eruption

Merapi Volcanoes Erupted on the 30.10.10, 00.40am. That time we were happy celebrating Yinli’s 21th birthday. It started to rain. I thought it was normal rain when I opened the door. But NO! It was not rain! It was ashes! Volcanic ashes!!! Goodness! Never in my life had I seen this! It seems really like snowing at night! Spectacular!

All of us wore mask in the house. The next morning, we saw what the ‘snow’ does. The whole place was dusty brown, with a strong sulfuric smell. Ashes accumulate everywhere, on the roof, on the leaves, on the cars etc. People start washing their house compound but to no avail. It gets brown in an hour. This is epic! I never see snow before, but I see brown snow!

Ashes collected on the leaves

Car covered with thick layers of ash

Can't even see the road properly...

Everyone started to store food in their house. Shops closed or half open. Reporters around. Everyone planned to stay indoors. The place is so dusty that even you sit at your study table longer, you can see dust on your table.

Pre Merapi Volcanic Eruption

We were informed that merapi volcano situated 28km away from my house had awakened. Evacuation plans had been made. During volcanic eruption, what we worried the most is the heat, the ashes, and of course, earth quake. So, ambassy had gathered us and called us to pack our important documents in a small bag just in case we need to evacuate. My neighbor said that there will be ‘hujan debu’ (ash rain), some says that it happens every year, so everyone seems to go on with life.

For many days, we received messages, telling us that there will be an eruption tonight, but, everyday, nothing seems to happen. The weather went warmer. The volcanoes, coughed once in a while with small eruptions and she killed 29 people staying at the hillside. The guardian of the volcanoes, Pak Marijan was also found dead, in his prayer. However, the locals’ din’t appear to be worried.

The rest of the villagers were evacuated to the evacuation camp. I had signed up Mer-C to help in the evacuation camp. On Thursday, I took on the afternoon shift and went to Wonokerto with Eunice and Lee Lee. We shifted all the medical needs into the camp and waited for patients to come.

Apparently, the evacuation camp was just next to a PUSKESMAS (Primary health care center), so, there were no patients. We only had the other rescuer to come for medical advices. Children running and playing as if nothing had ever happens. We joined in the fun. They had no school to go, so we taught them a little bit of English.

That night, we shifted our camp a primary school, where people from 3 villages were evacuated there. We set up a clinic there. Before the doctor came, there are already people asking for medicine.

Evacuee slept in the hall, on the corridor, everywhere. They had no more homes to go back. We changed the school library into a clinic, and changed shift, went back before we had a chance to treat them.

The next day, we went to Kepuharjo evacuation camp. It was crowded there. Most of them are old people with hypertension. As we are not graduated yet, we can only help to dispense the drugs, do vital sign and record medical record. That is all we did. We had a busy afternoon and a free night. We can see Merapi mount smoking from here. That night, some Malaysian came to offer help. I saw TV3 crew here, with En Ludinata (ambassy in Jakarta), and En Jazman (JPA officer in Indonesia).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Why am I not sleeping yet? I have no idea. Perhaps I am having some jet lag for 6 hours for which I have adapted an owl lifestyle. I am so diligent that I even read in my sleep. In another simple term, I sleep whenever I am reading. So, at this hour, 1.50am, I am still awake. Or shall I rephrase, I am already awake. But no worries, with a small dose of “Experimental Design Lecture Notes”, I am off to sleep again. Luckily there is no lecture tomorrow; they can sound just like lullaby to me.
I just had my four days holiday. No class on Friday and Monday, so that makes it a pretty long holiday for me. But, I wonder what everybody been doing this weekend. Facebook is uninhabited. MSN is deserted. Out of boredom, I clicked the refresh button several times and I wonder whether everybody had been studying like hell. But it is just week 3! That sends me to ‘wonder-land’ for a while.
Apparently, everybody is busy with all sorts of events. My roommates for example just represented the university to Malaysia for Physio Quiz. My fellow batchmates were busy with Deevali nights, MSK, Bandung Games, and respective scandals etc. And me…….. Nah, I think I deserve a rest. But, all I did this weekend was running in my Lala Land: dreaming.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Which should i believe?

ARGH!!!!!! I hated this feeling!!!
When your doctor gives you high hope, but gives you low mark, you just feel like ripping her head off!!! She shouldn’t have say ‘good job’, or ‘very good’ which seriously give people a false impression that there is no need for correction. I feel like telling them, if there is a mistake, correct me please…. Perhaps they are afraid they made a mistake too, but that doesn’t give them a reason to give us high hopes by saying all the nice words. We are not your patient, we are just students. We deserve to learn!
And why do I have a feeling that my luck in exam and homework already exhausted? Haih~ I really want to explore medicine, without worrying about my marks and results all the time. And even remedial seems useless, ‘cause it seems like they never mark the paper. Or have they?
Perhaps I am just too sensitive with marks. Should I like change my perfectionist behavior, and stop hoping to get high score for assignment, Osce and block exam? I don’t study for results, but they just keep popping up in my mind, whispering silently, seeking for my attention. Argh~ I hated this feeling.
Throw aside results which make my day miserable.
“Half of what you are taught as medical students will in 10 years have been shown to be wrong. And the trouble is, none of your teachers knows which half.”
                                                                    (Dr. Sydney Burwell, Dean of Harvard Medical School).
Great. Can I like….graduate now?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More or Less

Third year in medical school

I choose to be

a little more low profile

a little more hard working

a little more research

a little more for myself

a little less activities

a little less condemnation

a little less gossiping

a little less socializing

a little more for people who treated me well


a little less for people who appears only when they needed me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Climb~ Miley Cyrus

Songwriters: Alexander, J; Mabe, J;

I can almost see it

That dream I am dreaming

But there's a voice inside my head saying

"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking

Every move I make feels

Lost with no direction

My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying

Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain

I'm always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be a uphill battle

Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side

It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing

The chances I'm taking

Sometimes might knock me down

But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it

But these are the moments that

I'm gonna remember most, yeah

Just gotta keep going

And I, I got to be strong

Just keep pushing on

'Cause there's always gonna be another mountain

I'm always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be a uphill battle

Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side

It's the climb, yeah!

There's always gonna be another mountain

I'm always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Somebody's gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side

It's the climb, yeah!

Keep on moving, keep climbing

Keep the faith, baby

It's all about, it's all about the climb

Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa

Sunday, September 12, 2010

some thought 11.9.10

Today was a busy day. My relatives dropped by from Penang to visit. So, I spared my day just in case I need to go anywhere. Apparently, they wanted to go to Red House in this hot sunny burning afternoon. So, I dint follow.

Instead, I went to visit Puan Nurul, my BM teacher. Well, I hadn’t been there for more than a year. Initially, I dint planned to pay her a visit, because mum was nagging that girls should stay at home. But, since mum was too busy worrying about her sofa sets and toilet bowls, I managed to slip out. I gave ET a sms, and off I go.

Puan Nurul looked the same to me, but she had thinned down of course. The amazing thing was, she still remembered that I came back from Indonesia, and she remembered that I dint visit her last year. LOL. Okay… her memory wasn’t that bad. I met a few old friends too. Ah Theng, Tze Yin, Onn Wah, Alistair, Tiw, Brendon, feiying, jeff. I guess that is what a teacher hoped to see, a house full of students from everywhere, as noisy as ever. But, Pn Nurul said, she wished that students dint recognize her, especially when she was delivering a baby and the doctor was her students. LOL. It is really not easy to find teacher you can “tembak” and gossips about other teacher though, but here it is, one in front of me. Oh, I meet Mr Tay at Pn Nurul’s house too.

I went back in the evening to join my family’s dinner. My mum doesn’t consider my dad’s sibling her family. So, we had a little quarrel in the car. Pretty obvious that I don’t quite agree with what she said.

At night, we went to Jonker Street. It was extremely crowded that night. And guess what, yy and Kean seng were in Jonker the same day, but we dint meet each other. LOL. Malacca is one BIG place, you know! Although all the shops sell the same thing every day, it is still soooo crowded. No idea why. So basically, I can only see people’s head and smells their armpits. Gosh. The next thing I know, I am on the way back home.

My relatives from Penang, they were a bit, shall I say, scared of Indonesia. In their mind, Indonesia is one scary place where the moment you step down, people use guns to shoot you down. LOL. Chill lar. I dint even lose my arms.

My mum was a bit reluctant to talk to them. And all she ever said was, they smell like Minyak Kapak, they dirty her toilet and her beds etc. Ya, couldn’t blame her, she is always like that. I was quite angry that she criticized me in front of my relatives. Goodness. I just let her talk. Apparently she seems to increase in capacity. Sometimes I felt like singing the song “Because of You” from Kelly Clarkson. Nah, I guess it would be hard for us to find our respective partners because of her critism nature. Ya ya. I know. Just let her talk right. I don't want to be a bad daughter you know, but sometimes you just feel like ignoring all her unreasonable nagging, unforgiving hatred, and uncivilised critism. Argh! Whatever. Just consider me disobedient if you like to.

And today is September 11. Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010




Friday, September 3, 2010





Wednesday, September 1, 2010


There is always a position in your heart for people you know. You reserve a special place for people you adored. Birthday, gifts, and special moments you wish to create in people’s memory. Everything means something, somehow. Sometimes you just forgive someone simply because you still want them in your life.

Lost. A common thing in life. When you lost your handphone, you will be searching for it, wondering when was the last time you saw it, recalling, recalling. You will make it sound, try your best to find it. Breaking up is like how you lost your handphone. You will call it. You will make other people to call it. You will try anything to get back what’s belonging to you. When you finally realize that you really couldn’t find it, it will stay in your mind still. Even when you found a new phone, you will be comparing it, makes sure this one is better than the previous. Unless you don’t mean to keep it long, a temporary phone will do.

Losing someone who passed away on the other hand is like dropping your car key in the sea. You can’t make it sound. You can’t find it back. It is gone. You have the car, but you have to change certain part in order to get the engine starts. Certain parts have changed, and you know, no matter how well it looks like on the outside, it is not the same anymore.

People walk into your life. Sometimes, they are just so important that you place them somewhere special in your heart. Sometimes you just seal them up so that you don't forget them, yet don't want them to injure you all the time. Sometimes they are just air that flow pass, disappear behind your mind, that you won’t even recall seeing them. For some reason, I realized, those people that you hated the most, or loved the most, they leave heavy footsteps in your life. Love and Hate, they are not much difference. One thing for sure, you pay more attention on both.

Life. There is no answer for everything.

Saturday, August 28, 2010





1. 啊~没事,就是清明上坟的时候,突然想起你,为什么那么多人死,你还不死呢?
2. 玩感情? 我会让你哭的很有节奏...
3. 喜欢你的时候你说什么就是什么, 不喜欢你的时候, 你说你是什么?
5. 贱人永远都是贱人,就算经济危机了,你也贵不了!
6. 别和我装你活的精彩过的幸福,也别祝我幸福,你有那资格吗?
7. 别在分手的时候和我说:"其实你很好" 操,那你还甩我?
8. 唾沫是用来数钞票的,而不是用来讲道理的
9. 不该看的不看,不该说的不说,不该听的不听,不该想的不想,该干什么干什么去
10. 少在我面前拽的跟二五八万似的,摆好POSE 再装逼!
11. 我等待你的关心,等的关上了心...
12. 我们只有一个地球,所以你要爱护地球;地球上只有一个我,所以你也要爱护我!
13. 开心了就笑,不开心了就过会儿再笑! 高兴了就乐,不高兴了就使劲乐!
14. 这几天除了吵架什么都没干。 一种架各种吵。 是我不懂事还是把你当人看了?
15. 唯一一个可以霸占男人回忆的方法 就是: 活的更好!
16. 那些人旳名字, 有些我忘了, 有些我却会永远记得。 正如, 有旳人 曾经是无话不说,最后 却无话可说.
17. 生活就是:生出来,活下去~
18. 如果你觉得自己很牛B, 那你一定是傻B
19. 我是心眼小,但是不缺,我是脾气好,但不是没有!
20. 时间不知不觉,我们后知后觉...
27.Ralph W. Sockman说:当我们是少数时,可以测试自己的勇气;当我们是多数时,可以测试自己的宽容。
29.李碧华说过: 什么叫多余?夏天的棉袄,冬天的蒲扇,还有等我已经心冷后你的殷勤。
38.世界上所有男人都是骗子。不管是漂亮还是不漂亮的女人都会被骗。有所不同的是,幸运的女人找到了一个大骗子,骗了她一辈子。 不幸的女人找到了一个小骗子,骗了她一阵子。

Friday, August 13, 2010

You must be this tall... to DIE

Nice quote, right? Yes, you must be this tall to die in the carnival full of Zombies!!! Buahaha..

“Hunter coming! Is behind you!”
“Mad Ng jump jump!!! Run away!”
“Where is Mad Ng? Faster revive her, she is incap”

That was the only thing I hear, and the only thing I see, were all the Zombies that surround me! Being a noob, I have no idea where I was heading, I only follow Zhuo Cao and You rui blindly. And I am still a noob in keypad controlling though. With tans of Zombies chasing after you, it is quite impossible to think of other things other than kill kill kill!

Left 4 Dead 2 was really fun and addictive! Even after the games, I can still visualize Zombies around, just that those “Zombies” are facing the computers in cc. 过瘾!

“If your boyfriend replied your message when he is playing games, he must have loves you a lot!” Totally agreed to that!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Trip 4-Johor Bahru

Well.... there was nothing much in JB. The main reason I went there is to get a transit bus back to Malacca rather from Singapore which will double my bus fare. Bus from JB to Malacca will only cost RM19 while bus from Singapore cost S$16. Which is more worth?! After all, it was not that difficult to travel from Sg to JB. Just took a bus (170#, 170 or 160) from Kranji, and it will bring you to JB sentral. Easy...

I stayed in yy's house for one nite. We chatted, with her maid sleeping at the corner, sleep talking. The next morning, Yy drove us with her Livina. Not quite stable, but much better than expected! Thanks to her for showing me around JayBee.

Erm... let me see...

I visited Danga Bay, which is largely abandoned. But, they said it ll only turns alive at night. *sigh*

Then, we went to a Guan Yin temple.

Then, we went to have our lunch in a vegetarian shops, where i tasted one mouthful  of Hakka Food. nah... dislike.

Then, we went to Sutera Mall for shopping. Bought a bag and a book.

I went home after that, exhausted.

I felt asleep in the bus, awaken by noises, and realised i already reached Malacca. I wanted to call the bus to stop me infront of air port, but i accidentally spoke Indonesian Language to him. Gosh! He looked at me one kind, perhaps thinking whether i am Indonesian, with a broken Indonesian Language. So, now, i can speak neither proper Malay nor proper Indonesian. God.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Road Trip 3-Singapore

Singapore has changed a lot since the last time I went. New building emerges everywhere. But I still stay in my memories. I saw a few AJ students with AJ uniforms, and I thought I saw someone I knew. But, when they walked pass me, only did I realize that all my friends in AJ had already graduated.

This time round, I visited the new Resort World Sentosa and Universal Studio.
The 1st day, I visited the carsino and Festive walk.
The Carsino is cool, but only that I have no idea how to play any. All the games seems complicated. Can't there be any much simpler games to play with?! Poor Lee suan, she cant get into the carsino due to age limits, even though she is just two months younger. Singapore are quite strict with that. Bags are not allowed, so we hired a large locker for one hour S$6. Thus, we dint stay for long.

We walk through Festive Walk, with plenty of beautiful architecture to take pictures with and many shops selling high quality products.

Adam and Eve

Lake of dreams

Escalators with nice sound effect and beautiful lighting.

OK... I spent the rest of my days wandering around sentosa island. Wei Hern, Mak and Jian Hui went to Underwater World while me and Lee Suan were left with nothing better to do. We took the free shuttle bus and the free monorail around Sentosa Island. We also visited Images Of Singapore. Nice architecture, if i had never know Singapore culture that well, i will think that all those are new and interesting. Nevermind that, i am just trying to kill some time. I lost all my contact numbers of my Singapore's friends, so in the end, i dint manage to meet up anyone. T.T guess i ll have chances other time.

The next day,

we went to much awaited Universal Studio Singapore. After waiting for the guys to finish their breakfast, we went in. As there were a numbers of games unavailable yet, the USS redeem S$5 meal voucher and S$5 shopping voucher for us.

First Stop, Madagascar.
Crate adventures were not available yet, so there was only one thing left, which is kid’s merry-go-round. We took some great photos though.

Far Far away

Too bad we dint get to take photo with Shrek as the entrance just closed and he went for a break.

We went for a 4D video. Nicely done! It is something like the Genting 4D, just that the story line is better. Then, we sat some small roller coaster. Each waiting time spend us more than half an hour though.

Ancient Egypt
The high speed roller coaster was the coolest ! Best ever roller coaster ride i have ever had! Superb!This is the best thing in USS now, i guess. But that was the only thing there. Treasure hunt was for kids. -.-

Sci-Fi City
Well, the tallest Roller Coaster was not available as it was under construction. Damn sweat! So, we only sat the cup.

New York
Street dance in New york city

Water World
They are great. They even brought in a plane to the scene. And, they splashes water at us. LOL!!!

Jurassic Park
Many games are not available here. I waited for the longest que here. 1 hour and 30 minutes. My God! It is some bumpy boat, nothing very special at first, but the end was good! I sprained my neck.
We were drenched from head to toe. After that, we took our early dinner in the food court nearby.

Hollywood city was nothing much. Stage 28 not open yet, but we visited Light camera action. The artificial hurricane was real great!!! WOW!

Night arrived. We bought movie ticket. I thought there ll be something interesting, but apparently it was just Iron Man. LOL!

This Universal Studio trip in one word was small! There are 4 to 5 games with "coming soon". Goodness! But, the rest are still great!
Anyhow, we have to leave early to catch the last bus back to JB, so.... good bye Universal Studio. Good Bye Singapore..

Monday, August 2, 2010

a friend from JB

Today a friend came to Malacca. LOL. She was supposed to celebrate my Birthday with me the night before, but due to several obstacles, we dint manage to meet up. So, today yy, lee suan and I went around Malacca for a walk.

Malacca is a small city though. Nothing much really. But the fact that both of them came all the way to see me, this is already a thing. Well, is the thought that count ma. We had our breakfast and lunch, walk around the town, drive around Malacca, and finally send yy to the bus station. Thanks to Lee Suan.

Yy collected and made a video of "collection of birthday wishes" from a few friends. LOL. It is funny why so many people call me to grow up. =.=!!! LOL...but it is nice! After a few years, it will turns into treasure! Haha!

Thanks my Friends for all the birthday wishes. Thanks to yy, it really takes an effort though.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road Trip 2-Penang

Penang is heaven-like. I had been there for many times, but had never notice that until now! This time, my mission is to taste food. Nice food. We have a tour guide this time. He is my new friend, my friend’s brother’s friend’s friend, Ernest, and really thanks to him that we had this opportunity to taste all the best food in this island!
When we reached Jetty, we walked to the nearby places to enjoy the scenery. The weather is real nice but hot!

Then we wander around the street, and saw Cinderella walked pass. Penang is indeed an eventful place. Within an hour, we saw a Cinderella pumpkins (a wedding), more than 10 ferraries pass by (no idea what event is this), and a few treasure hunt team. Wow.

We visited a Light house, walked up into it and view Penang from on top.

After that, we met Ernest, and he brought us to Fort Cornwallis. The fort has a few prisons and a few cannons. But, they are well preserve though.

Then, Ernest brought us around the town, introduce us the building etc. and then brought us to eat their famous Char Kuey Teow 姐妹炒粿条(forget to take photo, coz we too hungry edi=P). We also stop by to eat some Apong. Nice! Different from what I buy from Malacca.

We bought some souvenir too from Him Heong, just in case it closes.
We went to pick up sea shell from the seashore. Lol. I never seen a beach with seashells bigger than both my fists! Wow! Our tour guide helped us to pick up one seashell each! LOL. Nice!

After that, we went New World Park to eat “Four in One” Ice Kacang, and Lo Bak! Nice!

Then, we ate Cendol is some street I dun knw the name of the street though, but Phua Chu Kang went before! And is real nice wei!

We ate Penang Asam Laksa in 发林shell油站。I thought Ayer Itam Asam Laksa was the best, but he said nowadays that place was nicer. LOL.. But seriously, it was great!

We had been eating whole day! Gosh! So, to digest a bit, we went to the Penang dam and drive around the town.

When night arrives, we stop by a shop near Gurney to eat Mua Chi. (again, I forget the name of the shop). The special thing about this mua chi is, each bites taste differently. I always ate Mua Chi with Peanuts only, but this one was special. I just love my tastebuds!
Then we stopped by a beach. The beach was bright at night!

Then we ate Penang Hokkien Mee aka Prawn mee for supper.

In the end, we stop at Coffee Island for a drink.
Rose Tea.

Ernest bought a cake for his father, and thought that it was too hot to leave in the car, so he brought down. Then he said, ‘this place offer promotion for birthday people’. It was around 12.00am, exactly on 1st august! So, I was excited “really! Today is my birthday leh! Got promotion de ar!”
Then he was like ‘your birthday?! then we finish this cake la, we happy happy lo’
OMG! SO MUCH! The Box was big lar! And we just ate soo much!!! DAMN FULL!!! Gosh, my brain was running, trying to find an escape route
‘don’t want eat meh, then sing a song for us la’

-.- after self-conflicting and brain twisting, and several argument, finally I decided to open the box, and have planned to close it immediately.

But when I opened it, this thing appear infront of me.
LOL. It was actually meant for me! And Ernest was such a good actor lor.

Zzz… Poor bear, I had to cut through you…

I celebrate my 1st hour of 21st birthday like this. LOL.. memorable? Yea…