Friday, September 25, 2009

Korea trip 3

Day 3- went miniature park, went some hill, went tangerine orchard, went Teddy Bear Museum, went some water fall, went tea plantation

The following days, well, I did many stuff like shear the sheep, make Kimchi, make cheese, try on tradisional cloths, see their dance etc...

ya.. shopping in Korea is not cheap. But, the facial product is veeery cheap.

I lazy upload photo in Korea d... haha.
If you wanna see Korea, go Korea.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Korea Trip 2- Seoul to Jeju Island

Korea produce a lot of cars and electronic and is good at building bridges.

But, they are male activists. The ladies are beautiful and the guys are handsome. Looks are very important to them. They can’t find jobs if they don’t look pleasant. Luckily I am not born in Korea, or else, I will starve of hunger. Well, I don’t see anyone wearing slippers and shorts on the street, like I do.

They eat kimchi everyday, until they have special refrigerator for it.

Korea has many similarities with China though. It was until some years later that Korea language is used. I find that there are more people who speak Chinese than English.

The street in Korea.

Went Cheong Gye Cheon, a park in Seoul.

Cheong Gye Cheon used to be a river.

My mum and I.

We went to the GyeongBokGung palace.

Pheonix instead of dragon.
Chinese used dragon, but Korean used phoenix. China used 9 claw dragons, Korea used 7 claw. Like I said, many similarities with China 紫禁城.

A building in the palace. This structure appear on the notes of Won.

Sun clock.

We went to eat Korea Kuih and saw all different kind of kuih. Sorry, Photographs not allowed. One thing good about Korean’s food. They eat healthy food all the time. Not oily. Eat lots of 保养品. That is some Ginseng Tea and Kuih.

Sat plane to Jeju Island.

1st destination in Jeju Island is Mystery Road.
It is a very funny slope; things roll up instead of roll down. We were told it is optical illusion, but is really hard to believe.

2nd destination is YongDuam Rock龙头岩。
海龙王call this dragon to find longevity weed, but He froze to rocks. The sea breeze is extreme comforting.

Yea, we eat here.
Eat hot food and enjoying cold breeze. one word... syok.

Jeju Island is actually a country before combine with Korea, so they can speak a different dialect. People there either do plantation or collect undersea stuff, they call them 海男海女. Long long time ago, there is 无贼无小偷无大门. Very peaceful.

Went back to Jeju Pacific Hotel.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Korea Trip 1- from Changi Airport

Depart from Malacca to Singapore at 7am by bus.

Reached JB, saw the huge change at the kastam. Old times are just like yesterday, but everything is somewhat different.

Woodland remains unchanged.

Uncle David picked us up at Bugis. Used to hate that place a lot, but I kind of miss it now.

Passed by AJ field.
Saw the teacher called us to run around the field for.
Saw me, Su-Ann and Suen Xin run towards the traffic lights when the green number is approaching zero. Miss old days.

Stayed at Aunt Grace’s house for a while. My cousin wants me to signed up Pet Society on facebook for him. Kids nowadays are smart.

At night, Uncle David fetched us to Changi Airport.
Changi Airport...
We fly by Korean Air, saw lots of Korean on the plane. Beautiful features though.

oh my, i havent been sitting big airplane for so long.

Saw that TV infront? It is just like the one i see on TV.

Meal on Airplane.

Singapore is so beautiful when view from above.

Thursday, September 17, 2009





Tuesday, September 15, 2009





有人说,胎儿还没成人,不算杀生。那成人的定义是什么?有心跳,能感受痛?胚算不算?是谁决定他是否是生物?我们有权吗? 如果胎体算的话,hydatidiform mole 又算不算?也是结合体噢。

上图显示partial hydatidiform mole.





Monday, September 14, 2009

weakness and wound

Although old days never come back
and best friend departs
All of them will become one part
of my remembrance

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Injured pigeon

A stupid pigeon flew into my house and injured himself. It couldn't fly and continuously flapping its wing. Perhaps he is too scared of strangers he started hide at one corner.
So, my siblings and I brought him food. First, biscuit, in which he refused. Then, we brought him bread. I wonder whether he saw the food, coz his eyes is at the side of the head. Not that I never learn science, but, you see, i place in front of his head, he don't seems to see it. So, I shove the bread at the side of his eyes first and then shift in front.Smart me, he started to eat the food. Haha. Then, my brother brought him water, in which he refused to drink. I guess bro has a loud voice and he scares him.Mum was complaining about the feces in the balcony. You might be surprise how much he had eaten before this to produce such huge amount of poop... So, we brought him down into big abandon aquarium outside.

Now, he got a new house. My sister and I search for a few green outside to decorate his "nest". Dr. Wong's dogs kept barking at us, as if we are stealing trees. Stupid...

I wonder there is enough cloth or trees. I guess he will freeze at night. Hopefully he don't...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

poor student-poor me

My God! How come that stupid skills lab looks at CGPA instead of OSCE? I applied for Skill lab assistant... really wanted to give it a try. But, unlike last year, this year, they... what the hell... haiz... Btw, I got 90.37, A/B for OSCE. 2nd highest in my programme. Kinda frustrated though.

Tutorial is like shit. Unlike last time, there was no Inn Hou to answer my questions anymore. My questions accumulate and every time, it turns unanswered. Damn! Tutorial became a waste of time.

I heard seniors talking about their clinical practice here. It seems shitty, spending time getting signature and counting tiles instead of learning. Heard Yinli's brother's culture shock. My God.

Have 2 earth quake's tremor in 2 weeks. The floor shakes, the furniture shakes, it felt like something moving underneath the ground. Discussed with housemates where to hide and what to do if earth quake happens.

Have anti-Malaysians associations here. A few students got threatened by the locals. Kenny was verbally threaten, some were being snatched. A fourth year senior's house was being thrown bricks during the demonstration. There was once when we were forbidden to leave the college because demonstration was on outside the campus. Police went round collecting information and keep track on where Malaysian staying.

Poor student, we are.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

River Rafting

Yinli’s brother was here for hospital attachment. He planned a trip to Sungai Elo for river rafting. It was indeed cool…

We had a briefing sessions on how to paddle, how to stop and what to do during emergency. And of course, we wore the life jest, watermelon-looking-helmet and hold on to that paddle.
Yeah! Start paddling. The starting was smooth and easy...

The place is splendid. I never had seen water so clear and clean before. Ducks playing at the sides. There were natives bathing at the side of the river, fishing sometimes, plucking kang-kung and doing their daily activities. We saw Bumbu ikan, the traditional way of catching fish. Small boys swinging on the ropes and jumped into the water like Tarzan. Some naughty enough to chase after us and try to pull us into bath with them. Cool!!!

Have you ever imagined falling down into the water from your boat? Cool!!!! I was holding on the ropes at the side of the boat. Looking at the coming jeram (I forget the English term) getting nearer and nearer. Then wow… the boat toss and swirl, upon the stream and oncoming rocks, like the duck you see in the bath tub. As for me, I was too light. As the boat slant 30 degree, I lost my balance, and before I notice it, everything start to turn, and splash… I was in the water… then they have to pull me up. In total, I fell in 4 times, twice at the jeram (I was the only one fell at the jeram).
There was once when the instructor wants us to stand on the boat, holding each other’s hand to balance ourselves. Chuang Li wanted to push Bong down. But, when he fell, I lost my balance too…

I love my instructor though. He was fun. He pulled other people into the water using the paddle. Haha. There was once, he said “everybody move to the left!!! The right side is leaking!!!” er… there was water coming through the holes in both side actually, but, before we notice anything, we followed his instruction… and he jumped! The whole boat overturns! Great! I was right underneath the boat…

There was once when I sat the front, like I am riding a horse. And we have boat combats. Haha… We raced again each other and tried to push the other boat down into the water. Haha. Cool man… couldn’t tell you how fun it was…

Pictures after rafting. That was me, with Yoong and Chuang Li. Group photos with our "attire"...

Photos with the instructor.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Just finish class. Tired and tired.
Can I start counting down to the day I return?
Or should I start counting down to the day I leave group 7?
It doesn’t matter, I am still here.
I have 4 and a half more years to go.
I wonder how long I can keep this smile without breaking down.
I wonder how long this busy-ness can keep my mind occupied without going crazy.
People come and leave.
Some stayed a while, some stayed longer.
But when the one you thought will stay longer just leave
with hatred, with disagreement,
It hurts.
It hurts even more when you have to face it every day.

Am i really that annoying?
I am just too lonely
my friend.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MSK 2009

On the 29th and 30th, I was involved in MSK 2009. It is like some sort of orientation programmes for Malaysian junior. I was in sports bureau, helping out in planning for the games in 2 of the sessions. It didn’t quite remind me of my own MSK though. It seems a bit different.

My fellow batch mates who were facilitators made a few attributes for the participants to wear throughout the programme, so, if you see people wearing some weird hat on their head, yes, they are juniors.

Juniors arriving, seeking for their facilitators.

Panitia place attributes on the participants' head. Following my head (Mr. Wee Pang), i was late. Didn't get a chance to put those thing on their head..
As Ge-An and I were in the same bureau, and he offered to fetch me to and fro, I escaped overnight there. I have to say, it was really nice working with him, Wee Pang and Malina. No pressure. Just calm and easy, it seems.
From left: Wee Pang, Fatin, Malina, Ge-An, me... Leesuan(faci) and Rufus (faci).
Some morning line dance... again, i was late... GE-AN!!!!! But... haha.. never mind. It is better late than never right...

This picture is stupid. I look like an eagle chasing after the chickens... I was just telling them there were big rocks infront of them when actually there weren't. How nice I am, happy conning them.
The juniors? Ehem... they were kind of boring. There were only 7 Chinese this time, a big different from the previous 30 over Chinese students from my batch. A few of my batch mates found their “descendants”, some inherited their behaves; some inherited their “nationality”. I only found an Indian girl from Malacca, and I don’t even remember her name. I doubt she remember mine anyway. Sorry to say that, but the juniors are not as smart as us. Haha. They actually drank from the tap water, sat beca for Rp25,000 instead of Rp 5000 and turn away when they saw seniors. Very… nothing to say lor…
So.. we, the kind seniors host a introduction thingy in our house. Erm… I don’t think it was raging. It was just friendly introduction, but they seem to be quite nervous.
Is there raging here? If you mean scolding and yelling, yes, there is. But other than that, I don’t really think so. PKPMI had been doing a great job stopping raging though. But, I must say, it was fun seeing the seniors interacting with the juniors.
Group photos with all the panitia and facilitators... the juniors put their attributes on our head as revenge.

Yeah! Cheers.

Judging on current politic status, I doubt we will have any juniors next year.