Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Smokelike person

"You tend to hide your emotions. You are at a very low point in life. You almost seem to not want to go on anymore, to fade away into smoke, not exist. You feel alone in life. You feel as if nobody could ever understand you. But there is only one thing that you cling to in life: You want to belong, but you dont want to change. You want to be around people you want to have a reason to go on. You are sometimes envious of other people's seemingly perfect lives. If you want to have a seemingly perfect life, then you should start hanging around warm sunlike people, or friendly earthlike people, or tell your problems to an quiet listener moon person. And you always have a speck of hope inside of you. Even if you feel all hope is lost, hope is hard to fully kill. so nurture and try to see life through different eyes, and maybe it'll be a brighter world. "

Got this result from Facebook. Haha. True. I want to belong but I don't want to change. Hanging around? Warm sunlike peoples will think I am too smokey and run away. Friendly earthlike people probably too busy attending their own lifes. Quiet listeners just don't exist in my life. Quiet listerners might just probably be noisy gossiper who just want story from your view. Yes, I am waiting for a speck of hope. Someone, come and save me. Bring me away. Save me!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

House Warming

I shifted to a new house this Jun... haha din't introduce my house yet... next time la ya...

So, we had a house warming party. As we decided to invide the whole batch and some seniors over and we were unable to cook that much, we set the party at 2pm, expecting everyone to come here with almost full stomach.

What did I cook? Nah.. I din't cook anything. Imagine me cooking.. haha.. ok, but i did helped out in a little bit of everything. Well... we already started cooking since the Thursday and busy until that Saturday.
Not bad huh...

So, here is our living hall a.k.a. study hall a.k.a. dining hall before any visitors.
Food prepared by our main chief, Xiang Wei... mangkuang was prepared by Yinli...

Finally some people came...
and there is more people...

And Oh My God, I didn't know my living hall can fit so many people wei!!! Damn crowded, I can't even move an inch...

This is Mages and Lee Lee...
Took photos with some seniors...

Introducing my housemates. The oldest Hsiao Suan, Jumping Joanna, Always gossiping Yinli, my roommate Xiang Wei and me lo...
I don't recall talking a lot in the house warming, but i got sore throat after that. Busy touring around kot...

A Story 2

She was once a friend
Fate met us with
Common friends
Common interest
Common opinion
Common view
Most of all
Common attitude

It was once comfortable and fun
Just to chat
Just to study
Just to do anything
It’s like a soul mate
Far away from home

We stayed up at night to watch the sun rise
We jump over high wall to peep at the exam equipment
We planned how to look at each other’s answer
We played with ice
We locked our friends outside
We walked to campus because we are too stingy
We planned timetable together
We support each other

I can be who I am in front of her.
She brought me on a ride when I got B/C
She urged me to come home every night
She accompany me when all the others left
She tried anything to make us stay in one house
She knows exactly when I am sad or happy
She knows my favourite and weaknesses
She knows me

Evil rush in
Depression, Power, Rumours, Gossip, Anger, Temper, Hatred
Gradually replacing
Faith, Trust, Believe, Care, forgiveness and acceptance
Harsh words dancing in the air
Like an arrow
Piercing through every single piece of memory
That is when
All the promises dispersed into thin air
All the faith lost in a blink

It’s too hard to turn back
To undo all the done
To redo all the mistakes
To do all the undone
Eyes with hatred
Words with sarcasm
Looks so despair
Turn away
She will never come back

Friends are hard to find
Harder to keep
And impossible to forget
A shadow that haunt me days and nights
In this small community
Without a replacement

Monday, June 22, 2009

Block 1.6

Health system, health financing, behaviour change, learning theories, family medicine... bla bla bla.. aiyo.. this kind of things oso need to study.. sienz....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good news


"Congratulation. Your hard work pays!" Lee Suan messaged me...

"har? what you talking?" i messaged back... blur.

" block 1.5 result out d. c d?"

I rushed down...

" OMG OMG!!! I got A!!!"

I got A for block exam!!! Thanks to Vee for helping me in my study!

Just then, E Theen messaged me. She got in UKM medic! OMG!
Both of us got good news at the same time. HURRAY!!!!
Hui Ying,

Can you, for heaven sake, just ignore them? They dont worth you thinking so much though. They just know how to talk. Talk talk talk. That is the only thing they know how to do. So... let them talk. Once they are tired of all the shit in their mouth, eventually they will swallow it.



Nava and Safwan came in…
“Here you go… This is for you,” Nava put two donuts on my table…
“har?!” shocked, I asked, “why? You are kidding?”
“No la”
“Why suddenly belanja me pulak? Borrow helmet only. Don’t need belanja me de”
“No la… belanja you la.. I cannot eat. Vegetarian.”
Safwan was doing some stupid action and repeating his words,"donut donut donut... you suka donut kan... ini saya belanja punya"
Nava pushed him "ei, you..."
"sweat nya. ok... thanks ya"

Yesterday, someone bought me some small crabs… okay… sweat… Hmm… no bad huh, people actually buy me something.

Just some out of random post... since they just came in a few minutes ago...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Clinical Attachment

Well, I went for clinical attachment. It is not a clinic actually. Indonesia health system used family medicine a lot. It is a kind of primary health care system here, in which the doctors will work in the government office or hospital in the morning and then open a clinic in the afternoon. It is not a must, but a preference to earn more. They are family doctors that treat patients and their family members. It is a holistic approach as in doctors not only give treatment, but also advises. They stress on bio-psycho-sosio aspect. Hence, the clinic is small and doctors will visit to the house of the patients to give treatment.

The appearance of the clinic. We were sitting in the waiting room when the doctor (dr. Martha) brought the other groups for home visit.
Group photos.
This is totally different from malaysia. Malaysian usually go to general hospital for treatment, but Indonesian actually seek for family doctors' opinion first. We also went to a patient's house and talked to the patient about her illness.
Some of my friends got to do physical examination on patients!!! We were not that lucky as it was raining that day and no patient came for treatment. Sienz...

Monday, June 8, 2009

PKPMI dinner

I went PKPMI dinner during the Keputeraan Agung in Sheraton Hotel. 5 stars konon. The architecture looks fine, but the food is just of average. Students from Solo came all the way down here just to attend the dinner and to perform. Of cause, there were some VIP too. As my
bureau was incharged of protocol, I went earlier that afternoon to see the setting and look around. (actually I don't really know my role, thought of going since the dinner is free.)

Well, there was launching of PKP blog also. But sad to say i dun knw the address to it. And then, there were dinner, speech as usual and performance. After that, bersurai.
No really much to describe though.