Tuesday, April 28, 2009

happy stimulation

i guess i should watch more happy film, talk more to happy people, listen to some happy jokes, visit more happy blog, talk more crappy stuff.... haha.... well.... it makes me more relax though...

guess i should stop blogging sad thing too...


Been studying like shit for this block. Have no idea whether it works or not. Haiz.... The thing is, not because I want to top everything. But, this is a practical world with plenty of practical people. When you are not good, everyone who call you friend will start to leave. And perhaps, what's left is the real one. But.... haiz... Somehow, somewhere, deep inside, I felt a bit isolated. Perhaps because i started to isolate myself to boost back that level. Been droping further than I thought. Why no one ever care whether I am tired of flying, but they are more concerned how high i am?

Maybe You Rui was right. I should watch my pace and not others footsteps. To find back that motivation?.... hmmm.... kinda hard... but i will try though.

Batch mate held something call Sweet Heart's Day. Interesting. Thanks to hema for that great idea. It is a day where guys have to be gentleman and girls have to be ladylike. Me ladylike? haha... Today, people exchanged cards, gift, gratitude to each other, and all of us wear a ribbon with us, some tied it on their collars, wrists, hairs, everywhere. Then, we have some... what should i call that... game session in front of the lecture hall... hmm... not bad though.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Sunday, April 5, 2009


I went TBMM kuliah today. Am I crazy right? In such peak season, with exams and all, I still went for TBMM meeting. Haha. Well, at least I am not the only one. One third of the batch is doing that, for a simple reason, we think it will be useful. At least the kuliah din’t turn me down. I learned something today. Basic Life support, Triage, evacuation… I supposed all these basic knowledge should be useful as a medical student. After all, I study medicine to save people, not to get a certificate without the skills.

How is it like to be a top student? Well, I was never the best student in school, but I actually know how it feels when everyone has high hope on you. I was once good, but not anymore. Perhaps I shall say my results are of average, but the truth is I am out of the list of smart peoples and top students. Haha. Somehow, I am glad. Somehow, I don’t feel that stress anymore. At least not now. Somehow I can study happily and not think of my reward that much. Well, I guess I won’t say that when results is released. But, at least for now, I tried my best, and I studied happily. Or maybe it is because is genitourinary that I don’t feel the stress? Haha. I don’t know.

Su-Ann said she studied till midnight, with her friends. Somehow, it reminds me of life in KTT. I studied that late before. Haha. When someone is accompanying you, studying with you, you won’t think it is that late. I just miss the feeling suddenly. Now I sleep early almost every day, even though medicine has much more to study than A level. It is fun when you have a friend to accompany you through your five years of medical study. It is fun when someone willing to care for you, to understand you and to walk with you. And when you are feeling damn stress and wanted to have some fun, somebody was there, having the same interest, facing the same problem. If someone willing to share the joy and sadness together, willing to stay and fight with you, it is the world greatest thing, ever. What I can say is, appreciate it while you can.