Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Wish

Dear God,
In year 2009, please give me the strength to face everyday cheerfully. Give me the power to move on, to cherish others and to help others in need. Give me the strength to be good lord, to identify right from wrong and to stay away from evil. May I be able to conserve the friendship I had with truthful people and may I be able to see the truth in them. Bless my family, my friend and I with laughter, wisdom and health. Wish that I am satisfied with what I had and never ask for more. Wish me good luck and happy always.
A lost sheep,
Hui Ying

CNY eve

I celebrated Chinese New Year eve in Lezat restaurant. In this small Yogya town, it is pretty hard to find a restaurant that cooks Chinese food as good as this one. Indeed, nice. It had been long since I really drink herbal chicken soup and eat pork. We invited all the Chinese in our batch. Ya, we are all homesick people, not able to have reunion dinner with our family. Maybe like what Angelin said, it might be fun also to celebrate with friends. But, no doubt I started to miss New Year at home. This is the first time I am not celebrating Chinese New Year at home. Miss angpau, miss the cookies on the dining hall table, miss visiting from house to house, miss my relatives and friends, miss the countdown show for Chinese New Year, miss all the great movies screened during CNY….

Our “reunion dinner” here was… noisy. I can see the other customer plucking their ears with their fingers, practically. No doubt those guys really make themselves at home. They drink beer and cheered. Well, I cheered too, but I guess not as loud. Later that night, I sat down and watch some sweat movie with yy. Ya… so… that is how I celebrate my New Year eve.

Dutch Lady

Last Sunday, I met with 3 Dutch. They came here for professional exchange, and we were supposed to bring them around Yogya. Basically, they came here for clinical. So, most of the time, they will be in Sardjito Hospital. Our responsibility is to accompany them during Sunday. But the thing is, I don’t see a point to accompany them. They travelled more than me dude (unless you consider the whole Europe, plus Thailand, Egypt, Hong Kong and America a small place)!!! And obviously I don’t know much of Yogya compared to the other Yogyarian. However, it was nice to accompany them. Just feel like speaking English to some people who can really speak. Somehow I feel short and tiny standing beside them.

We went to Prambanan. Yes I know, is a very sweat place to visit. But due to transportation problem, I guess that is the nearest we can go. Surprisingly, they were quite impressed with the whole architectures. Along the way, many Indonesian sort of get excited seeing foreigners. So, the three of them suddenly became sort of popular. Faye even asked whether people here like to take photographs with strangers. What a statement. And I guess I saw plenty of stalkers, taking their photos secretly as they were too shy. Oh ya, Faye’s parent are actually Hong Konger. But, she was born in Holland. So, she is a Dutch with Asian features. The other two are Friya and Esther. Nice to meet them though.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


In Pharmacology lab, we injected albino rats and see how they react. Well, I think I did accidentally torture that poor rat by inserting the needles in the wrong place. It was cruel, but considering that they reproduce fast and live for a short while, at least I don't feel that bad. After all, they are gonna kill all the rats in ether gas as rats cannot be "reuse" after an injection. But... I still feel bad for injecting it. Poor rats...

In Skill lab, we did faecal examination. I had to say I deal with lots of shit this block. Smell shit, poke shit with stick, see shit colour. shit everywhere... even discuss about shit in tutorial... Is really a shitty block.

Anatomy lab, as usual, see corpse.

Biochem lab. Comparisonly, I hate this lab most because of the pretest. Argh... Anyway, the experiment was quite fun though. At least, we can do some experiment all on our own la.

Next week, we will see more parasite and microbes. Hmm... I hope I will like it though.

Actually, come to think of it, medicine is really fun dispite all the exam stress and report!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday, I stayed back to search information for my tutorial. Nobody asked me where I am, so basically i told no one about it. Well, nobody care where I go, anyway. I was so into my own stuff when Yin Li came rushing in, stood at the door and ask, "you want to go back?" Not noticing anything, I said "later la, why? I thought you went back d." Yan Yi came in. Only then I know half the world is looking for me. oh... i din't even know that I disappear. Hmm... i checked my phone. 18 missed call. So sweat, i turn it to silence and din't know that it vibrated for so long. Oh my god, that was the joke of the day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Look at the list man, half the world get A! That means most people get 4.0 (include me)!!! Well, I am glad to hear that though. Who cares about how much you work for and who cares whether the standard is low. I just want to study medicine. That's all. Life had changed me a lot. Formally, I want to top everything, even if it means I had to stay up. Now, I am glad just to hear that I am one of the people who do not need to retake. God know how hard I study. Can you imagine me studying biochemistry for more than 5 times, yet getting everything wrong? Can I say this feeling is like shit?! Study so much yet dun know how to answer! After that, the only thing you hope is pass like everybody else. Oh man, I dun knw what else to do to make things better.

A close friend told me I been keeping a lot to myself. Stunt. I have no idea what I been keeping. Perhaps that's just me. Or perhaps I been to into my study till i lost myself. Gosh, I think I must have lost myself. Who is Hui Ying?

So, if you were to study medicine, think twice, that is my advice. My time is fully occupied, I can say.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My new bike!!

Hmm... I guess I been missing for quite some time though.... Things had changed a little bit.

My parents came and they bought me a bike. So now, I ride to campus instead of walking. It was not easy to learn bike riding though. I bang into the wall twice while trying to U-turn. Haha. Not a good experience. But luckily, my bike and I were both safe and sound. Poor Mio (my new scooter), she had lots of scratches now. The right mirror even drops off. LuckilyTharan fixed it for me. I think the whole neighbourhood knows I was learning cause I made a lot of noise. Wei Hern taught me the basics. Then, Safwan send my bike to fix the plat number and refill my oil tank. He shows me how to ride properly and tell me which road to take if I were to come back from campus. So nice of him. Thanks to Tharan and Kenny for encourage me to ride. Well, I was a bit scared at first. Without Yin Li motivation, I doubt i did go this far. That crazy girl, she was so daring she fetched Wen Mei to the main road the next day she bought the bike. If she can, I supposed nothing can stops me. So... haha... I succeeded

I think I am stable now that I ride to campus everyday. Hmm... it feels great to be able to ride to campus!!!


Histo 成绩出了。我八十四分。突然觉得自己很差。可是tutorial成员还professor前professor后。有问题就问到我头上来。很多时候,我都会不知所措。我都已经不是最好的了,哪配得上什么名堂?死命拼搏,也打不出成绩。记忆力衰退,理解能力衰退,连速度也退了很多。不明白不明白!!!我真的已经无能为力了。