Friday, December 26, 2008


Bandung Trip

Bandung is a nice place. The breeze is great, the environment is great, and the facilities are great... shopping is the best! Many Factory Outlet selling cheap branded stuff and most shops seems to be money eater. I guess Bandung is heaven for ladies.
Ok, back to my trip. This trip was unusual. Something I have never tried before. I went holiday with the bunch of guys. When I said guys, I mean guys: crappy, rough, loud and all. I am not surprise this holiday turn out to be much different from what I had before. We played pool, went clubbing, do some sweat thing like bumper car and flying chairs, karaoke…. I guess I won’t be doing this kind of thing if I were to go with Yin Li and Kean Seng. Everything was so new for me, especially clubbing. Well, I am allergy to alcohol, so I never touch even one drop of alcohol. I really feel like trying, but I never. So, the whole night, I was there just to watch and take care of my stupid drunkard friend. Honestly speaking, it was quite boring. Why do people enjoy clubbing? Weird…
Pei Sean and Gervenne are still like old time. We chat whole night, gossips and talking craps. Ker Wei, Wan Qi, PS and Gerv are so nice they brought us around Jati Nangor to eat nice food. Thanks. I love the lumpia, Nasi Gila, Pisang Caramel, Mango and Beng Beng. (Btw, Mirota sell Beng Beng, but I never notice it). Gervenne also brought us to her faculty. It was much nicer than UGM la.

Their hostel

I thought of squatting in Pei Sean’s room for a few nights. But, unfortunately, outsiders were not allowed to do so. So, after one night of hide and sit with the ibu kost, we decided to shift down to a hotel. I was quite surprise Leon and friends are capable of finding our own hotel and own angkut. Thanks to them our trip is successful. There is this Indonesian girl who offers to help us find hotel and all. I wonder why. Is she attracted to any of the guys in the gang? Funny girl. But, whatever it is, the truth is, the guys really capable of managing everything. Those rough, immature and care for nothing guys actually do manage everything and even take care of yanyi and I. I guess I change my opinion about them. They are playful, but nice in nature. What about Bandung? We went to Tanjungan Perahu, which is famous for the active volcanoes. We walk into the kawah, and even touch the sulphur rocks there. Gases are released from the holes. The tour guide shows us the chemical reaction between sulphur gas and tobacco. Haha. You had to come to see what it is like. I am amazed!

After that, we went to Hot Spring. The water is full of mineral (Yanyi said it was urine, but I insist that I am correct). My clothes turn yellow after expose to don’t-know-what-substance in the hot water bath. Told you those are mineral! How can urine stick on clothes and never came off? We also went to Kawah Putih. The water in the kawah was greenish in colour because of the sulphur, and we were warned not to stand there too long as the poisonous gas might kill us. Can you imagine that? Nah… I guess you have to check it out yourself.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some thought

Holiday suppose to be something happy, something fun. So if it is not fun, what is the point of holidaying? I figured that people will not want to wait for me. But, I thought I would have some hope since our holiday was unexpectedly extended. Apparently, I was wrong. Somehow, a little disappointed for not being able to follow, but more of the people itself. Perhaps I can be really irritating sometimes. But I think that’s just me. I did rather give up on people than myself. I will stay in this way. But what I am really glad of, I think I already have the greatest friendship in the world. I won’t be left behind in the morning, I won’t overslept not being woke up, I won’t have no one to accompany to clinic, I don’t need to find shelter in uncomfortable arms, I don’t need to trade anything for friendship, I don’t need to pretend to be a friend, I don’t need to hide at all. And all that I do I am pretty sure that I am not alone. And no matter how wrong I am, how loud I shouted, I am surprisingly not given up. That is all that I need. The only thing that I care of, and that is what I call friend. Perhaps I am already the world richest person cause I own a treasure that others don’t.
Question is, have I ever care about other people? Well, it probably depends on who was there to ask me this.

Chess competition

I like to play chess, not because I am good at it, but because there is always something to learn. I lose in my chess match against an Indon guy. I was just too careless until he was able to take my queen without me noticing it. After that I just can’t clear my brain and made all the stupid mistakes. Ya, it is quite impossible to beat a guy, especially when he was quite good. The weather is hot and I had to play under the hot sun. There was no chair for me to sit. The system wasn’t good, no time limit, no break, no good chess set, everything was just so… uncomfortable. But I should have won. I almost did. I won the first match with this guy. I won two games against the girl yesterday. I should have won. I was in a very good position at that moment I lose. I should have known what I am doing. I should have won. Why was I so careless? But, maybe Yanyi was right. Maybe I am supposed to stay at home and study for test instead of standing under the hot sun and wasting the glucose in my brain. That is why I was meant to lose. Just wondering what other people will say. Who cares? But somebody did care, or else how did the seniors know I won yesterday? Someone did care or else why are people talking about it? Argh… if I am going to guess what other people think, I can go crazy. So, whatever you people want to say, I don’t care. Guess I will be happier this way.