Thursday, September 18, 2008


Food in Yogya is really nice. No kidding. Oh man... but some were pretty weird, like the shoe box rice. Ok, it wasn't really shoe box, just that it looks like one, so we called it shoe box la. But, some food name, i already forgotten. But, no harm have a look at them. Tell you, they taste great!
shoe box rice
fruit found in UGM
pasley tropical

satay ayam
Jus Semangka

pasley food

lotek (yogya food)
mi sehat
nasi rames (Yogya food)

J Co
Sup Jagung
Jus Nanas
Lemon Squash


gado-gado (yogya food)
gudeg (yogya food)
mi hokien
ice cream goreng

cheese ball
chicken cheese
chicken crisp

Jus Belimbing
bottle water

Mooncake Festival

Last Sunday was lantern festival. We went to our seniors’ house to celebrate. So, we got a chance to eat nice food like pork, cha ye egg, and more. Our 08 batch had to perform something. We had a very stupid performance and I acted as one of the rapper, kept “yo yo yo” non-stop… so funny.

Then, there were singing and riddle guessing. Those who can guess got to eat first and haha, I manage to eat first.

And, I found another guy who know Kai Yee... Why so many people know her de?! What a small world!!

What’s great was I got to eat a piece of moon cake!!! Oh man, really miss moon cake. I can’t find one here. People in Indon don’t really celebrate lantern festival. Hopefully mom keep some for me when I go back la.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Borobudur Trip

Last Saturday, I went to Borobudur temple (one of the seven wonders), following a school trip organised by the kamadhis society.

I will let the pictures tell the story...

Our bus was so lousy la, omg... It broke down halfway and the guys had to come down and push the bus.
Half way, one guy jumped up the bus and sang songs for us. His singing sucks... but we still "donate" some money to him la... It happens all the time in Yogya...
Nothing better to do except taking some photos while waiting for the bus to start up...

Finally reached Candi Borobudur....

The sellers were so.... *dun knw what to say*. They never quit chasing you and force you to buy things. But, the price they set were very high and you had to really cut the price down. I actually bought a sunglasses for Rp 10000 when the initial price was Rp45000. The necklace was Rp 20000, but we managed to buy it for only Rp1500.

Look magnificient isn't it.... haha... Borobudur temple monument comprises of six square platforms topped by 3 circular platform, with the empty main stupa right in the middle. All the platforms actually looks alike. So, after a while you will get bored. But actually, all the relief on the wall signified something. There are lots and lots of stories on the reliefs. Stories i heard when I was young and stories about the Buddha. There were 72 perforated stupa with similar Buddha inside. But, they were actually different in mudras and their hands position. We actually stretched our hand into perforated stupa to touch the Buddha and make wishes. They said it works...