Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cultural Orientation and Outing to Malioboro

Today we have cultural orientation. Again, we were taught to be polite and nice.

They showed a film about Borobudur Temple. It looks magnificent, so we decided to go there on the 13 September.

We were also taught some Jawanist language. For example:
Manga, pak—hello
Kulo Nuwun—hello when knock door
Nami kulo…—my name is …
Kulo Saking Malaysia—I come from Malaysia
Nyuwun ngapunten—I am sorry
Kulo mboten mangertos—I have no idea
Nuwun sewu—Excuse me

They also introduce us with different kind of cuisine and all. Yogya is an interesting place, indeed.

This afternoon, we went to Malioboro. Malioboro is a place where they sell cheap things. It is a tourist destination too. I ate Gudeg today. Gudeg is a local food, weird but nice.

I bought a sport shoes too. OMG, things here are really cheap.

Horse cart

People playing on the street

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Police Report and Bank Opening

25 August 2008
Today, We went to campus for Police report and bank opening.


24 August 2008
We went to temple by bus today. This is the first time I took bus. Told you people here very friendly, I can even make a new friend in the bus. The seniors brought us there. It was very much like Malaysia’s temple, except that the medium is in Indonesia Language.

That afternoon, I went Mirota Kampus. Things sold there are extremely cheap. Really.

Ospek PPSMB (Orientation)

It had been really tiring and really busy. I didn’t even have chance to write down my journal. As far as I remember, it is pretty boring. People were talking in language I don’t understand. I don’t know what was going on most of the time. Often, I had to bother my friends and asked them to translate for me.
We had lots of talks, where they said something I don’t understand. Bahasa Indon is not exactly the same as Malay, you know. Then, we also had discussion session, where they discuss about Indonesia issue. The thing is, the policy there is far different from Malaysia. Singapore is more similar to Msia compare to Indonesia. I was shock by the culture difference. I guess maybe the students were a bit younger (16-17); the way they talked might be immature. But, it seems that most people too are like that. Perhaps the policy is really different. The greatest difference I found was that they actually look down at lower class people. They kinda say… those poor people should go to Bidan instead of hospital. They never think of government helping poor and sick.
But, those people in the university are rich but helpful, more helpful than Malaysian. Even when there are group works and we had to buy stuff, they will pay everything and never ask us to return the money. I was the blurriest and eventually, I seldom participate in the team task. I can’t understand instructions! Plus, I din’t know how and where to buy those items we need. My fellow team mates have their own mobil (car) or sepeda (motor bike), so it won’t be a problem for them. My kofaktor (facilitator) even offer to send me back. They had been really nice to me.
There were a lot of tasks each day and I reached home late. Other than that, there are Lab Expo and society expo. It is really nice to be able to get to know my university better, but I was a bit disappointed because the surrounding was not as expected.
The worst part of ospek was that the rules were strict. They trained us like army. Shit hell! They wanted us to wear exactly what they request, not even a slight difference. White and yellowish white is not the same. And there is this scoring system where all discussion sessions were assessed. The thing is I can’t even speak, how am I going to score? And our score will be minus when we against the discipline. Mine was minus by 15 because I never wore belt. They kompeni (assessing committee) always tried to look for our mistakes. Even when we never smile to them, they will scold us.

First day...
But the last day was nice. Malam Kebudayaan (Culture Night). We had senam robik, games and feast. I introduced PUMA cheer and Blue house cheer to them… Haha… so proud of PUMA. The feast was actually only some presentation. But, there were firework that night, by our very own faculty. I had never see firework so close before. Cool man!

Anyhow, I am glad it was finally over.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Information Centre

Yogjakarta is a place like Malaysia. The roads are narrow and dusty. It is a small student town; even the airport is pretty small. The temperature was 25 degree when we reached. During day time, it is extremely hot, but at night, it is pretty cold. No doubt Indonesia is a Monsoon Tropical country. There are many universities in Yogyakarta. Btw, do you know why they say UGM is a very big campus, the biggest in Indon, even bigger than UM in Malaysia? It is because they don’t know how to plan things. They built the faculty everywhere and anywhere they like. So, the building is all spread around, and finally they just name the whole place UGM campus. The campus was really big, and really messy. I don’t recognize any roads there, OMG!! The streets are something like Malacca town. Narrow and always full of traffic. But when you turn into the small street, it is like small village. The house there which they called Pondok is very short. The roads are extremely narrow and dusty. And the shop houses and the Pondok are all arranged in the same row, all spread around. You couldn’t possibly tell between a shop and a house sometimes. The road sign is so weird. The words on it are not understandable. I thought it was in Malay, but it wasn’t. Indonesian Languages and Malaysian language has much difference I guess.

The people here are nice, not as rude as Malaysian. They speak very softly… so weird. Helpful, friendly and nice. I can even make friend in the bus. And I am still training to speak politely to everyone, always remember to end by addressing them, like “ terima kasih, bu”, “maaf, pak”. Basically, we just call those young man “mas”, young ladies “mbak”, older man “pak” and older ladies “ibu”. Tell you what, I seriously can’t differentiate between pak and mas, mbak and ibu. And one lecture actually told us that people in Middle Jawa do not usually show their emotion. You can’t tell whether they are angry or happy, but they will do something about it. If you find your food haven’t been serve for very long, you must say, “are you still chasing your chicken?” and not “ WHERE IS MY FOOD?” that is their culture. Weird. The Pengurus of my kost, Mas Halim is a nice guy. Although he do nagged a lot but he does help when I need it, say repair shower, and all. But, he is always with his “kita mesti bicara dulu” saying, annoying. When we say we want buy fan, he say must bicara dulu, complain about the noises in the hostel, he say bicara dulu…

A car is called mobil, a motorcycle is called sepeda motor, and a bicycle is called sepeda. There is a weird transportation called angkutan. Angkutan is a van or lori look truck to send passengers. Like bus, taxi and all other public transport, they will honk you and ask if you want to take a ride. So far, I hadn’t seen any bus stop or similar stuff. And when they honk you and you do not need any transportation, you just wave, and they understand. But, it is not quite safe in all these transportation. Sometimes, the conductor and bus driver will accomplish the thief in stealing your belongings. The lecturer told us Yogjakarta is also known as motorcycle city. And there is very few pedestrian crossing or traffic light for you to cross the road. We look like chicken crossing the road most of the time. Very scary.

When you press 1 on the fan, it turn faster than when it was 2. Very stupid right. And, I actually bought a Rp 273,000 table lamp. The pin point has 2 pin only, which means all my electronic devices had to wait for the adapter. I bought an extension wire with adapter but that stupid thing need a lot of adjustment before I can actually use it. The place we stay, or should I say, most places in Yogja has low power. I can’t use any high voltage electronic devices like water kettle. Shit, I can’t cook any water here.

Water here has weird taste. Stupid water. I bought a 150 litres bottle with Rp3000. Then, after William told me there is a Rp 4000 water for one gallon, yy and I decided to look for a source. Finally we found Rp 5000 water. We bought a water pump, so, we are not sharing the water dispenser. But, the problem is we cannot cook the water. The electric kettle had too high voltage. Great, no hot water for me!!! (Do you think is safer to drink RO water or mineral water? I found news saying that more than 54% water here near UGM being detected contained Hep A bacteria.)

They eat a lot of beef here. Bakso Sapi, mie sapi… all beefs. I hate that. So, I can only eat chicken and fish. But, they do sell pork too. The sambals are really hot and spicy. The food is really salty. No wonder I kept feeling thirsty. These few days I had been walking around looking trying new food. So, I gradually manage to adapt myself to Indon food.

Basically I hadn’t been having sleepless night till now. The sky turns dark pretty early and turns bright very early too. People there wake up like 5 something and I was waken up by all the noises. I had been having a lot of activities in the day; even have to walk very long distance to reach a destination, so I will be very tired at night. The seniors say we might need a bike during our clinical year, as we were supposed to ride to different hospital 2 hour distance away. Well, that was next time story.

My new number is +6287839319***. I bought XL plan already, but, I finished the Rp15000 credit in just 1 minute by calling back to my dad. Stupid me, I forgot to add 010006 in front of the numbers. Then, I found out XL bebas extra plan is much cheaper, but, the system is down for quite some time as Indonesia is celebrating their national day. So, I have to wait for everything to over before I can top up my credit. Sorry, friend, I didn’t have chance to tell you my new number.

My kost

My kost is Pondok Azarine. It looks nice, but the design is really weird. I do not know how to explain, but anyone studying architecture might want to have a look here.

My room

The guys’ kost is nicer and newer, but I guess I am quite satisfied with mine.

First few days in Indon

Day 2
We went to the campus today. It is a 30 minutes’ walk from my kost. Along the way, there are many shops and of course sepeda motor everywhere. There were briefing with lecturer and Ambassador in Indonesia.
After that, Yin li, YY, Xiang Wei and I went to the library. It was not very big, but still okay. Then, we waited for yy’s senior, Jie Ning (5th year). We meet many seniors there actually. I don’t really remember what we talked about, but I know they told us many things and help us a lot.
That evening, we went for a senior-junior meeting in Jie Ning’s house. It is just some introduction session. There, I met Lee Eng Siang (the only Malaccan senior), and William (my AJ senior, 2nd year).
Only then I knew that William is the top scorer of the year and he went to UGM through Nugrahan too. He is helpful enough to help us with many things and showed us around.
I had my first not-prepared-by-Nugrahan-dinner in Obong-Obong, a western look restaurant.

Day 3
The faculty brought us to Carefour to buy our necessity, finally. I had been having nothing to use at all for so many days, finally I can go shopping. Basically I brought all my necessities and went home. They helped us to send the stuff we bought back to our kost, so we do not need to carry all by our self. The bus couldn’t come in, so, it will not be a good idea carrying table lamp, pail, basket, water and others all the way in. My kost is around 2km from the main road.

Day 4
It is supposedly be my off day. But, apparently me and yy still haven’t find the Rp4000 water William mentioned. So, all of us went out to find the source. Finally I managed to find some Rp5000 water which is much much more cheap than the normal Aqua water.


Day 1, 15 August 2008
I hadn’t been sleeping for the whole night. I depart from home at 2.00 am and reached KLIA at 4 something. There, I waited for Yan Yi and Jian Hui so that my father can follow their father to park the car near Concort Hotel.
We waited for quite some time before the officers arrange the check-in procedure for us. My luggage was 20.8 kg but we were told that we were allowed to take 25kg maximum aboard. Ish…. I should have filled it to the maximum. They never said properly, and I had left a lot of stuff behind…
KTT arranged transport for KTT student to send us off. Jia Xi and Zhung Shen came too. I was not very close to most of them. It wasn’t comfortable to see everyone hugging each other and me, not having anyone to hug. So sad… So I chose to walk away.
I was so so *&%$ I accidentally knocked one guy with that trolley I used to put my luggage. He knelled down in pain, and I stoned. Oh gosh, if this guy needed to go to hospital, what am I supposed to do. But luckily he was alright.
Well, actually I had friends also. But mine was not from KTT. Haha. My friends send me off through phone call and messages. Haha. It’s so sweet to receive a phone call from Angelin, Joanne, Jocelyn, Erin, Seira and Suen Xin just before I left. Too bad I was in the middle of some briefing session with Mr. Azriey, the JPA guy. So, I tried to soften and lessen my voice. But too bad I still attracted some attention from people around.

It was only a two and a half hours flight. Xiang Wei sat beside me. The air stewardesses keep serving us with food and drinks. I didn’t catch any sleep though I really feel like closing my eyes.
I hate airplane, especially those small airplane where we can’t even move around. It vibrated like hell before it flies and lands. I could only hear noise echoing, the air pressure pressing against my eardrum and my stomach twisting. I even felt dizzy after I land.
Later, we sat a bus to some office in UGM. We were given our Indonesia phone numbers in the office and some local food. It wasn’t so bad, but the ice cream is really weird. They don’t call it ice cream, they call it es something, I forgot the name. The santan taste was so strong and you actually put fruit above it.

We were brought to our hostel. The van simply turned left right left right and finally I don’t even know where we are going. I bet I can come out again. Well, the kost (hostel) here was not very bad. It is more than expected. At least there is a bowl instead of a hole in the toilet. Though there is no flush system and is so narrow I can hardly turn my body, it still looks okay.
At first, I was given a room which is extremely small and dark. I think it is even smaller than Harry Potter’s room under the stair case. My cupboard was half a size of other people’s cupboard, and the room was much smaller than my other friends. There is a very small hole (a window) above which makes it look darker and more like prison. I wonder what that supposed to mean. The design was so weird la, how come only Xiang Wei and I got that small room when we were supposed to get the same.
I wanted to shift room. So, there were some readjustment and luckily Lee Suan wanted to shift out of her room and I shifted into hers. Ok, it was dime, but I care nothing much.
Later that day, we went to top up my credit. I really had a bad time communicating with the shop keeper. Oh gosh, we were like a chicken and a duck. I can’t understand him and he can’t understand me. I wanted to top up my credit but he didn’t seems to understand. And when I asked about the price, they muttered something so fast and blur. Oh my God. I continued that for maybe two hours before he finally understands what I want. Top Up was actually called isi pulsa in Indonesia. When I wanted to buy adapter, the shop keeper took out many kind of electrical devices, because she don’t know what we mean. But, I can’t seem to get a suitable one there. Great, No adapter till Sunday. The pin is different from Malaysia, so all my electrical stuff is not in use.
That night, we had a meeting with the house keeper, Mas Halim. He loves to give long speech. I was told that we won’t have any internet services and Internet is very sulit ( hard to acquire) here.
Do you know food in Indonesia is very very salty?! OMG! Sorry I threw away plenty of food.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It feels really good when everyone say goodbye though.

It is not like I am going there and never gonna come back. But, when everyone say it like they will never see me again, it feels really good. It’s like as if I am some kind of important person and everyone so 舍不得me. It’s so great!!!

I even break my record of talking on the phone. I talk one hour with Suk Ping yesterday night. Her credit. Haha. First is her birthday and second to say goodbye.

Suddenly I don’t feel like leaving already, cause everyone so 舍不得me. Though I know no one is sending me off at the airport, except my family of cause (because the flight time is at odd hour) I am still glad that people actually knows that I am leaving tomorrow. Haha.

I guess this blog is gonna hibernate for a while before I find a way to excess to internet in Indon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pre-Departure Briefing with JPA

For goodness sake, can you people build more parking lots near JPA office?! I turned many rounds before I found a space almost 2km away.

Well, I went to JPA office today for pre-departure briefing.

Basically, it’s just talks about our luggage, our flight, documentation and stuff. We were given our RM400 coat, which disappointedly, not made of gold… They gave us allowance beforehand also. Then, told us to pay back the RM400. I wonder why they can’t just deduct that money before giving to us.

Guess how much we were given. RM3600 + Rp 1351,000 IN CASH!!!! I am a millionaire suddenly, except that it was not in American dollar.

This is not from Monopoly. Is REAL!!!

The JPA officer did talk about our A level results. Surprisingly, only 27 got straight A and most people miss one. The cut-off point was lowered to 9, which means as long as you get above 3C, you will be able to fly (A=5 points, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1). Many Malay girls really did a good job. Guess they really work hard for it. Quite a number of students without placement got to go to Universitas Trisakti (a university you can enter without entrance test and the medium is in Indonesian languages. Only UGM and UNPAD is in English but you need to pass the entrance test).

Well, I guess most of the time is some informal chatting session and photo taking session.

Hsiao Suan, Yanyi, Gervenne, PeiSean And I
Gervenne and Pei Sean... going to UNPAD... sobz...

Aiza and I
I hope it won’t be our last photo session.

Hsiao Suan and Yanyi gave me my belated birthday present. Thank you very much!!! Never would have expected it.

My sister almost ate my birthday present… which is perfectly fine if it can be eaten. Well, you may have given it a bite too, because it really smells like food…

If Yanyi didn’t point at the brand and say, “you don’t know this brand meh?” I won’t pretend I knew and thought it was real bread from some never exist bakery. So, I wasn’t fool by the bread but by words. Do I sound like I am consoling myself?