Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Candle Night

I had candle light dinner today.

Single candle.


With lots of food.

Great huh?

Ya rite.

You WON’T think that way if it was only a stupid BLACKOUT!
And it is seriously STUPID because only a few houses had no current, and MINE, included.

GREAT. Now I got to stare at the candle for the night. Not that I had anything better to do anyway.

Candle candle, why did you wanna sacrifice yourself? Don’t you know there are something called torch light now? Isn’t battery greater than candle? Sacrifice itself to help torch to light up? And no one actually remember battery. But we couldn’t possibly compare teacher and mother to battery, couldn’t we? Teacher, you are like battery, light up my life and sacrifice yours. Yaks, kill all the romance.

Mum and dad were busy calling somebody and before long, all the other houses suffered the same disease too. If only they know mum and dad were the one calling. Brother played some noisy guitar and then found stalking neighbours more fun. How the hell did he find the correct position and correct string in the dark? Sister did nothing but laugh at my wayang kulit. Hey, I am a great story teller, okay (if brother weren’t there to interrupt).

The sample essay on “blackout” in primary school is ridiculous. Seriously, you won’t be able to do much in the dark. But dad managed to watch drama on his laptop. I guess its okay for him since he already had spectacles on. A few more degree won’t make a difference. I won’t take the risk. Reading newspaper with candle light is alright, rite? Oops.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today I went out with You Rui to Malacca Mall. Never know Malacca Mall became a shopping complex. Man, am I a Malaccan? So, we kinda talked and walked at the same time. But, I think our pace is pretty fast, we kept returning to the same spot. I wonder why can’t we just sit down and talk, because I seriously never pay attention to anything around me, just the things we talked. Its either what You Rui said is more interesting or the thing around is unattractive. So, we updated each other on our latest news before we decided to enter the cinema.
Batman seems nicer, but too bad we missed the last show, so we took the tickets to watch

Hell Boy 2- The Golden Army.
It was interesting. I mean the graphic and all. The show was okay, You Rui kept laughing beside me. But the thing is I think I only see monsters instead of human being. And honestly, the Hell Boy character is irritating. After the movie, we went to eat Ice cream and we continued our conversation. Wonder why we had so much to keep up. We kept talking and talking and we din’t realize Puan Yap walked pass us. Haha… So, I sat You Rui’s car back. Thanks for the lift.

The End.

Back to stoning at home.

Btw, I think Geographer is a pretty cool place huh… Carol Lim a.k.a. Lilo!!! Ops, did I just call you that.

P.S.: Evil yanyi, “fly me aeroplane”! I was planning to go around Malacca, but I guess the whole plan was cancelled. Anyway, I guess I won’t be a good tourist guide, because I still don’t know there is Little India in Malacca. Is there?


Yaks! My house stinks!

The whole house practically smells like a big durian.

Yaks! Sorry durian lover.
My grandma, aunt and uncle came all the way from Batu Pahat to bring us durian yesterday. My dad loves durian and don’t ask me why. Dad is always saying, if you don’t eat now, the durian season will be over. By that time, you won’t be able to eat even when you want to. But, seems to me that durian season is always around the corner.

Yaks… I won’t touch that spiky stinky fruit.
Of course accompanying the fruit king is fruit queen.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Counting down

6 days to end of swimming lessons… “stand water” fast!

9 days to my idioticly sad birthday. *sobs* a year older *sad*

18 days to release of A level result. OMG!!! Plz let me pass!!

20 days to pre-departure briefing. Finally can take some fresh air huh...

22 days to end of all drama. Bye…

23 days to departure. Kusuka, here I come!!

26 days to start of orientation. Hate orientation, hate hate!!

33 days to start of medicine course. Finally….

39 days to National Day. As if I care…

70 days to Hari Raya

96 days to Deepavali

374 days to step into 20th . I am so old, my goodness!!

Counting down is the lamest thing to do… boring… I guess I shall start packing my luggage so that I won’t feel that bored. But packing is also a very boring thing to do.
sienz like shit!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008



Saturday, July 19, 2008

妈 借 了 两 本 书 给 我, 放 了 整 个 月, 碰 都 没 碰 过。才 翻 了 两 页, 我 就 打 瞌 睡 了。天 啊, 什 么 书, 闷 到 爆!一 本 老 是 讲 作 者 小 时 候 如 何 捉 鱼 啊、 打 水 牛 之 类 的 短 文; 另 一 本 是 一 些 原 则、 哲 理 的 篇 章。不 是 我 不喜 欢 哲 学, 但 是, 当 它 的 哲 学 和 我 的 哲 学 不 一 样 的 时 候, 我 只 能 和 那 本 书 说, 我 们 没 缘, 我 看 不 上 你 了。原 来 看 书 也 讲 缘 的 也。有 些 书 看 了 两 页, 马 上 爱 上 了。虽 然 很 多 时 候 别 人 都 说, ceh , 那 本 书 没 什 么 的 啦。奇 怪, 我 喜 欢 看 的, 别 人 未 必 喜 欢。我 的 品 味 特 别, 还 是 怪?有 些 书 看 的 时 候 无 味, 读 完 了 回 味 无 穷。有 的 书 不 得 不 逼 自 己 看 完, 好 给 个 交 代, 看 得 蛮 吃 力 的。有 的 书 因 为 有 名, 所 以 想 看 看 它 有 多 好 看, 却 原 来 是 浪 得 虚 名 而 已。 咦, 看 书 和 交 朋 友 相 差 不 多 也!都 是 那 一 句--- 随 缘 吧。看 来 那 两 本 书 得 留 着。我 有 心 情 的 时 候 翻 几 页, 也 许 会 发 现 它 不 同 之 处 也 不 一 定。

Thursday, July 17, 2008




Monday, July 14, 2008

The Sims 2

…. I need to use the toilet before Dad wakes up. Oh good, I had a job in the lawyer office. How come I been growing so fast? Ok, mum is sick, so who is going to clean up? The environment is turning red. Oh ya, need to call Amar to boost up my social. Oh, must call Trista later, or else I will be losing a best friend. I think I want to go to the Veronaville Market this weekend…

I am so into the game lar OMG! The Sims 2 might be outdated, but I can still get addicted. But weird, the neighbours never seems to get old. And they like woo hoo a lot. hehe... I want to produce another generation now. Got to go!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nothing-Better-To-Do Disease

If life in Indon is going to be boring, I think I am the first one to get disappointed. I keep having vision in my brain now. Ok… I had sleepless night and sleepy morning. Gosh, I think I have Insomnia. Now I know why people get Insomnia when they had nothing better to do.

A symptom of nothing-better-to-do-disease is to think too much.

Alright, I start to wonder if low blood pressure kills and found that it does. But, mine isn’t that low, just a bit low.

What if I got typhoid in Indonesia? Or Hepatitis A? Get vaccinated.

What if I am trap under the building when earth quake happens? Will I die of suffocation or being smashed? Why must I die, maybe I am saved by Leng Chai… aiyo, no leng chai will save me la.

What if volcanoes erupt and all of us had to escape for life? Oh yeah, had chance to see volcanoes.
Will my room is too small I start having claustrophobia? As if la I so big size…

Will the no flush system toilet starts to overflow? Then don’t shit so much…

What if food there is really inedible and I am short of pills for stomach ache? I guess I know why the toilets overflow…

Will I meet with some supernatural stuff? Get more “prayer paper”…

Will lecturer think I am talented or fool? Who cares…

Will I understand all the medical stuff? What if I failed and had to do remedial? Oh… then must care if lecturer likes me…

Will there be tons of leng chai over there? Leng chais are only for show, can’t possibly own one.

What if some Indon guy starts to think I am cute? Oh come on, give myself a break. I think he must be 1000 degree short-sighted and lost his eye con.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is my messy room when I am tidying.
I found out many stuffs that I used to collect years ago.
Stem…. mainly from Malaysia, Singapore and China.
Telephone cards and some used cards (if you notice LRT cards and popular cards among them)
Wishing Cards… I never throw any.
Coins… well, just a little bit, but I don’t mind if you give me more
If those are what people normally collect, what about this…

Ok... don't call me rubbish bin after you read this...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blog layout

I am bored with my blog layout. But, I dislike the idea of taking a simple blog template provided. So, I wanted to create my very own skin. However, me, not knowing what programme I should use, decided to surf around. I ran through some tutorial on how to change my blog template and all, but, finally gave up when I see a long list of words. Before I even start, I am confused between blog template, blog layout and blog skin. Finally, I just want download a nice skin from the net. I saw many suitable ones from, but, hesitate to download. Isn’t this plagiarism? So, I decided to just put some pictures and change my header so that my blog look a bit different. It seems no different though. Hence, I reconsider the idea of downloading. But, I realized I do not know how to download a skin. There weren’t any button that written “download” on the page. Back to scratch, I have to create one instead of copying one. I realized that if I were to modify my blog layout, I need to learn some HTML. Oh Gosh, this sub topic gave me a headache in my computer class back then, I remember telling myself not to touch it anymore. Ok, make it simple, I just want to change my dark brown background to a classier one. But, I still face problem on HTML. Now, I am officially stuck, but not for long. I have a month to learn to renew image of my blog. Wait and see.

I attended my first swimming lesson. Gosh, it is so tiring. But, I think it is fun. It will be an intensive practice as I am going off in one month. Do you think I can make it in one month?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A busy day

I went UGM briefing with Nugrahan Sdn Bhd at Bangunan Getah Asli today. Mum didn’t go as she had to fetch sis to tuition. Well, basically, they just informed us on life in Indon and documents we need to prepare. Everything they explained were just like what William had told me. Thanks to him I got a better understanding on what’s awaiting me. But, what shocked me most is the hostel, known as “kost”. The pictures were…. incredible. Well, it looks more like food court to me. Let me describe. Imagine stalls in market place, plus a hole at the end which will be the attached bathroom. Yes, just like prison cell. The toilet bowl, or shall I say the hole has no flush system. I shall not elaborate more. I shall continue my story when I actually experience it there. I think all the documentations is rather complicated. After all the document submission, Visa payment (ok… I made a mistake before this, we can actually claim the RM660 for Visa), hostel booking and all, we left the building.
We got a shock when they say they want us to introduce ourself. But, it turn out to be just Photo session of all student going UGM.
Hall of fame? lol... just us signing our name and putting on our ambition.
A senior told us we can buy books at Syarikat Kamar. Heard William mentioned about before, and since I had a booklist recommended by him, yy and I went to have a look. Thanks to Yinli for telling me how to reach there. So, finally I bought a Dorland Dictionary and Fundamental of Anatomy and Physiology by Martini.
This evening, we celebrated mum’s belated birthday in a restaurant famous for crabs. While waiting, mum and I went to the clothes shop next door. She saw a dress that she liked. I planned to present her that, but changed my mind as she changed hers. It’s really hard to get her a present really.
Jia Xi called today and told me great news. He sold all my books. Thank you Jia Xi, you are great! All the best in your A2 though it might seems hard at time.
Today is a very busy day, so these are only a brief description of what happened.

Friday, July 4, 2008



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fun with Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Long time ago, or maybe not too long ago, I did a lot of poster work with Adobe Photoshop. There is lots of function yet to be discovered. But, too bad I did not have the time at that moment. I remember telling myself that if I have time, I shall learn how to work this out. So, here it is....

I din't know Emal Club had jungle trekking.

Oh gosh... my brother went Grand Canon...

guess which one is me?

haha... i also have a twin sister leh...

I think so many years of study turned me into something else...

teleport the Coca-Cola word. lol...