Monday, June 30, 2008

Medical Checkup and random critic

When I did my checkup last week, the nurse muttered, “ awak punya blood pressure memang low ke?” Then he repeated the test a few times to make sure that he was right. I was a bit shock, but only too glad when the doctor did not comment anything. It was weird how my blood pressure dropped and I was a bit worried. Today, I went to Peringgit for my Mantoux test result before proceeding to Southern Hospital for my medical report. Thank God I am fine, despite slightly low blood pressure. I signed a few documents and was about to leave when I noticed that the blood group column was empty. I turned back in. Apparently, they did a mistake and missed the whole test. I was asked to wait for a few minutes. Then, they asked my dad to pay extra RM 15 for that particular test because it was not included last time. Oh Gosh, guess how much it is in total. RM 213!!!!

The one and only Malacca Government Hospital does not conduct medical checkup. The Peringgit clinic said it will not be ready before 5th July, which is the due date. And of course, they charged almost the same price. We were given limited time to do this medical checkup. Thus, I had no choice but to go to Southern, and the price is killing me. Remember last time when I went to Raffles Place for my checkup, Singapore Ministry of Education kindly sponsored everything. Even the Visa is included, we just need to sign, and that’s all. That is what they called scholarships. But here, %*#$%.... Even two years Visa we had to pay an amount of RM 730. I thought Scholarships are for poor people, where the hell are they gonna dig out this money? I was really amazed when they assigned RM 400 for one tailor-made coat. Are those Coats made of gold? I doubt.

Tension Of Opposite

Life is a series of pulls back and forth.
You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else.
Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn’t.
You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted.
~ Mitch Albom

Sunday, June 29, 2008



P.S. 本小姐置身其外,笑看人生。有趣多了。还是觉得看看偶像剧、连续剧无妨,正好可以逃离现实世界,放松心情。哈哈,我本人可是电视迷咧。

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Town Walk

I am very happy today. I just came back from a walk with E Theen and Lingli. E Theen had some free ticket, so i was invited to watch The Chronicles of Narnia in a new big cinema near Dataran Pahlawan. Not to mention the great visual and sound effect, I was quite stunned by the movie itself.

I guess I hadn't been to MP and DP for a very long time. The whole place was so...developed. There are many buildings that I had never seen before. Where have I been all this while? This is my hometown yet I had no idea of what is going on after I left. We ate and chatted in "Char Chan teng" before E Theen drove us to Jonker Street. We dropped by to visit You Rui who is working in one of the shops there. Lingli kept saying that it is not safe for her to work there, there are many whites there, and they order beer, plus You Rui is taking night shifts, it is quite dangerous actually. She was very busy and confused that time, so we walked away after saying hi. Jonker Street was not much different from what I expected.

E Theen can be a good tourist guide. She knows the road very well and is able to drive me around Malacca town. Well, I need some direction and guidance so that I could bring Yan Yi around when she came here this August. With Lingli and ET perfect recomendation, I actually found a few destinations. ET even kindly drove me around the town, showing me where and how to get there. Thanks so much to both of them. Malacca town is great, alive at night. How can i not be proud of Malacca?

P.S. : No photo this time as I din't bring my camera or phone out. I met ET in a rush, which is after I came out from the computer shop. Yeah, I had Vista Home Premium already!

P.S. 2: Can anyone tell me what is the normal size of red spot for Mantoux Test? I am kinda worry as mine was quite big. Well, I just took a shot this morning.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

现在的心情很轻松。无所事事的感觉真是太棒了。抵不住妈的唠叨,决定收拾一番。得把KTT 带回来的东西收好,把要带去Indon的东西分开放,把要搬去新家的东西装进箱子里。。。



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Small notes

I received a letter dated 3rd June just a few days ago. I was quite surprise. It was from my best friend in high school. I was really touched by her small little notes.

A few weeks ago, I was really stressed up, perhaps due to invisible exam pressure or maybe social conspiracy. I was very “pek chek” and complained about my life. Despite her hectic life in form 6, I never thought that she did spend her time consoling me. What really surprised me most was that she wrote a note and made a bookmark for me.

Hey ET, thanks, I can feel your wind. Long lives, my friend, long lives.

Everyone needs a friend, someday U might feel like U have NO FRIENDS at all, take comfort in knowing somebody out there cares about U and always will.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brief Journal- 23 June- Back

I leave my aunt house quietly at 5.45am, meet Su-Ann in Ang Mo Kio and go to Dhoby Ghout before changing to Little India. Then, we took the 67 bus to Kallang station. It was a long journey. By the time we reach the bus station, it was almost 7.30am. We managed to take the 8am bus back to Malacca.

There, we met an old lady. She did not know how to go to Seremban and we taught her. But, later in the bus, she said she wanted to go Kayang instead. Where the hell is Kayang. Su-Ann said it was in Kuala Perlis. Ya right. We taught her to take bus to KL and sit to Kuala Perlis from Pudu. This old lady is not simple. Guess what, we were stunned when she spoke Indian to one of the Indian. I guess she was on backpack travel on her own. She must think that we are trying to corn her and started to pray in the bus. When we reach Malacca, we helped her to ask around for a place called Kayang. Apparently, this place does not exist. In the end, we found out that Kajang is where she wants to go. Luckily, we never buy a ticket to send her to Kuala Perlis. Joke of the day.

I did my passport that afternoon and gave everything to mum so that she can pass it to YY’s dad the next morning. Thanks for kindly helping me to surrender my passport.

Brief Journal-22 June- Outing

Su-Ann and I went to Oldham Hall to meet the rest. I thought of going down to the dining hall, but they just kept laughing at me for longing to sit. So, we basically just met at the life lobby and chatted. It was raining that morning. So the plan to ECP was cancelled. So, Plan B, we went to Orchard Road. Stupid Suen Xin kept complaining that we stepped on her feet. It was fun as we crap like old days. Everyone looks just the same, still talking lame jokes and suan-ning each other. Suen Xin, I had to admit, your Chinese had improved a lot though. After breakfast in Mac D, we hang out there without direction for a while before we decided to watch movie.

Outside cinema. indecisive of which movie to watch

We took a long time to decide which movie to watch before we watch Missing in the cinema. It was very cold there, plus it is horror movie we watching, I was only too glad to bring my jacket along. I guess Joce find her Frisbee and Volley Ball useful here, cover herself from watching some horror scene.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Food Republic to celebrate Joanne’s birthday. Haha. There were plenty of obstacles. We tried to get Joanne to back face the entrance so that she won’t see the cake. Angelin went down to book cake, but Joanne afraid that she lost her way, so tried to leave the seat to find Angelin in the toilet. What a laugh. Su-Ann had to run down to first floor to get Angelin instead. Poor Su-Ann, only know how to use escalator instead of the lift. In the end, we brought the cake in and hide behind some bags while Joanne and Joce went to pick Erin up. Then we purposely called Joanne to accompany Angelin and Erin to buy food while we light up the candle. Nice cake, applause for Angelin.

Photo at Food Republic

Joanne making wish or maybe wishes... haha..

We crap a lot and played lame card games. The “Maid Corner” or “Mate Corner” was a perfect place for us though. I guess we made lots of noise there.

Su-Ann and I send them back to Oldham hall that evening before we left to look for the bus station in Kallang. Transportation in Singapore is much more easier than Malaysia. But, we were squeezed like sadine in the MRT by lots and lots of Indians near Little India. I wonder what kind of meeting they were having that night until the whole streets are crowded.

It was such a short day. Thanks to Emal Club for the Emal Bear. I love it, especially my name on it. Thanks to all my friends for willing to sacrifice your precious time with us though you people have examination the next day. I sincerely hope God Bless You with good results. Sorry Angelin, I can’t rescue your phone even though I was just beside, instead you rescued my camera and sacrifice your phone. Thanks again, my fellow friends. Hope you people like my Langkawi chocolates.

mine was the middle one... hehe...

Yeah yeah...EMAL CLUB Rocks!!!!

Brief Journal- 21 June- from north to south

We reach KTT at midnight 3am. We waited for Mr. Surabil, the warden to get our offer letter from UGM. Then, I went to Jun Yi’s apartment for a night stay. This is the last night I stayed in KTT. I was tired. I noticed PS moved out and then finally came and shared a bed with me. We slept for a few hours and depart on taxis to KTM station in Nilai. From there, we waved PS goodbye and set off to KTM Seremban.

An apology to Su-Ann for the wakeup call, sorry I changed the plan to go Malacca with you, but I had to go back early to pack and get some sleep. Yy and I walked to Terminal One with extra heavy luggage. I bought a 10.30 bus back to Malacca.

Upon reaching home, I un-pack and re-pack my luggage. It was a rush, but I had limited time. I had to catch the 7pm bus to Singapore. I took a nap and forgot about the chain mail that Su-Ann wants me to check. Sorry again. After dinner, we set of to Singapore.

It was long since I met Su-Ann, but she never changed much. We talked a bit in the bus, but falls asleep later. We reached Singapore at 11pm. We droped down at Cosway and took a bus to Kranji MRT Station. From there, I went to Yio Chu Kang to stay at my aunt’s house. Yio Chu Cang, the same old road that I used to take every day last year. The same old Anderson JC. The same path. The same traffic lights.

Brief Journal- 20 June- Exam and way back

We had a simple exam on the last day of BTN. Well, we are supposed to study last night. But, as the given time is so limited most of us just glance through the four books they lend us. The questions are tough. But, the officer said that no one had ever failed this test before. I guess the passing mark must be very low.

We had our closing ceremony before we depart to Pekan Kuar to buy some souvenirs. I bought some chocolate for my friends and relatives too. But, fearing of carrying heavy luggage, I don’t dare to buy much.

We board the ferry at 4.30pm. While boarding, one of the officers showed me to another cabin and immediately, I was separated with my gang. I thought of admiring the sea, so I chose the seat by the side. However, it turned out to be extremely hot and sunny. Thanks to my own curiosity, I get to sun bathe the whole journey back. The TV in front was screening some violent movie on Rainbow. I half watch, half asleep. Thanks to Leon who helps me to take my luggage out from underneath many luggage and bring me back to my gang.

We took the bus back to KTT. The bus sort of stops on and off to drop students down. We played cards and talked politics on the bus. Johnny talked a lot. I guess this is the last time I would ever hear him crap.

Brief Journal-16 June to 20 June-BTN camp

I was supposed to sleep early so that I can prepare some Milo for the journey. Apparently, yy and I had short term insomnia due to over excitement. We stayed up whole night and chat. Vyn and HS went down to YL’s apartment to play cards. I guess many had sleepless night that day, playing, celebrating or preparing for the 4 o’clock bus to Langkawi Island.

We separated ourselves into two buses and off we go. I managed to catch some sleep in the bus and not forgetting to enjoy the scenery outside. I never saw paddy field before, as least not that I remembered. We took bus to Kuala Perlis and from there; we took an hour ferry to Langkawi Island. Hell, I had two extremely heavy luggages and I had to carry all the way. So unluckily I sat infront in the ferry and were feeling like I were stuff right into the oven.

Upon reaching, Joanna, Vyn and I took some photos
When we reach the campsite- Panorama Hotel, I was stunned. Wow, guess what, we had air-con service, heater, and swimming pool (for decoration) here. The food was good too. Thumb up for the accommodation here.
our bed. Me sharing room with vyn, Hs, and yy

swimming pool view

Participants were 129 students going to Indonesia, Russia, UK, Scotland and Kanada. I made a few friends though. However, activities were quite boring. The so-call-jungle-trekking is just 1 or 2km and the only obstacle are to go under a tree trunk. Beside the disappointing jungle trekking, there were disappointing 2km jog and some physical activities.

But, the main idea of this BTN camp is about the talk and LDK (group work). It was torturous to listen to the talk. It was nothing but boring. It was just too hard to lift up my eyes to listen to all sort of history and politics of their version. Woan Chyi and I were in the same group. Lucky thing she was there to accompany me or I will be bored to death. I was told to appreciate for being accepted and obtain the citizenship. Brain-washing were in progress, but most have unspeakable negative influences. On the way home, one participant even said, “Those Chinese were scolded till speechless. Good for them. They should know who they are. (Translation from Malay)” What is all this supposed to mean? I had to agree that if we rebel, the nation will fall, like the video they showed us. But, sometimes, we are speechless in what the governments are trying to do.
The last activities is “broken squares”. We are supposed to collect 4 stones of the same kind, without communicating with people and exchanging stones. Those who go against the rule will be brought out the hall. But, it is funny how they chase us out even though some of them did not go against the rule.

Pak Jeff, our trainer took photo with us before we depart

Yin Li and I ....Yeah, leaving BTN Camp
View from ferry.... Langkawi Jetty

Brief Journal- 14 June-Graduation Night

It wasn’t in my mind to set my hair that day. I even told HS that I am not going to do so. But, since there weren’t enough people to book a van, I must as well follow to Taman Cempaka. Since I already there in the hairdresser’s shop, I must as well tried to get my hair set. Well, I won’t be young forever. I sat there while the hairstylist decide everything for me, the hairstyle and all. I must say it was cool how he twist and turn my hair into something else. Haha.

When I returned to the apartment, XW was teaching Joanna to makeup. Since I already get my hair set, what’s wrong with makeup? I put on some foundation and before long XW’s sis was there to help us. Thanks to XW’s sis and her friend. They helped to “make us up” and off we go to Pan Pacific, me in my night dress and YL’s high heels.

But, things weren’t so smooth. I missed the bus by a few steps. When I reached the gate, the bus just started off. Damn! Me, Vyn, XW and Joanna had to take KTT van there instead.

They took a long time to start the ceremony. So, my friends and I took some photograph near the ball room.

Me, Puan Ozie, Gervenne and Yan Yi . Puan Ozie said we are like nerd in class and now we can dress up till she almost can't recognise.

My classmates and I, taking the last photos together, before we apart to different university.
Teng,yy,Vyn,me,Pei Sean, and Leon

My friends....My gang... end of A level

next tops model? nah...juz some KTT chicks

I mustn’t say the graduation night is successful. The place is grand, but the food is not as expected. What I did most of the time was taking photos and wandering around, trying to put on a fake smile. God knows why I dislike grand function. I just can’t help telling myself again and again, “no one can see me. No one can see me. I am invisible. I am invisible….” You can expect me to be absent from my seat most of the time. It is just not comfortable to sit there, having eyes on you, and you not knowing what are in their mind. I just dislike functions. The night was long. I took a few pictures with my friends and teachers, watch some performance by peers and teachers, and catch the second KTT bus back to college. What a night.

Brief Journal- 13 June-Paking up

Mum suddently had a change of plan and decided to come to collect all my stuff. I had to pack up and prepared to send all my belonging back to Malacca. What’s left with me is only thing for BTN camp and graduation night. Oh Gosh, I will live like Robinson Cruise for a few days from now.

Brief Journal-11 June-BBQ night

Today is end of A level examination. I can’t wait for the teachers to start collecting the paper. Apparently, they kept giving us extra time. After they collected the paper, I was too excited to leave than to listen to the teacher lecturing us on our BTN camp.

That night, we had a BBQ night. All Indonesia bound Chinese girls were invited, but Lee Suan never turns up. We bought our food from Giant and had great fun preparing and BBQ-ing our own food. I had the opportunity to get to know Jun Yi, Woan Chyi, Wen Mei and Ke Wei more. I had to say that I don’t really know them well, but can’t deny that they are nice person though. The food were great but we over estimate our ability to eat. So there are plenty of left over for tomorrow.

Pic: We BBQ-ing. haha....

We cleaned up quick and opened two Champaign (sparkling juice actually) to celebrate. Cheers for end of A level! Yaaaammmmm Seeeeennngggggggg......

That day itself, we received news that Puan Premah is leaving the college. Poor Pn Premah, she was such a caring teacher. Datin cursed her baby daughter and forced her to leave. God bless her that she had a better offer in Inti College. Vyn, YY, HS and I quickly rush to see her for the last time and present her a gift.