Friday, December 26, 2008


Bandung Trip

Bandung is a nice place. The breeze is great, the environment is great, and the facilities are great... shopping is the best! Many Factory Outlet selling cheap branded stuff and most shops seems to be money eater. I guess Bandung is heaven for ladies.
Ok, back to my trip. This trip was unusual. Something I have never tried before. I went holiday with the bunch of guys. When I said guys, I mean guys: crappy, rough, loud and all. I am not surprise this holiday turn out to be much different from what I had before. We played pool, went clubbing, do some sweat thing like bumper car and flying chairs, karaoke…. I guess I won’t be doing this kind of thing if I were to go with Yin Li and Kean Seng. Everything was so new for me, especially clubbing. Well, I am allergy to alcohol, so I never touch even one drop of alcohol. I really feel like trying, but I never. So, the whole night, I was there just to watch and take care of my stupid drunkard friend. Honestly speaking, it was quite boring. Why do people enjoy clubbing? Weird…
Pei Sean and Gervenne are still like old time. We chat whole night, gossips and talking craps. Ker Wei, Wan Qi, PS and Gerv are so nice they brought us around Jati Nangor to eat nice food. Thanks. I love the lumpia, Nasi Gila, Pisang Caramel, Mango and Beng Beng. (Btw, Mirota sell Beng Beng, but I never notice it). Gervenne also brought us to her faculty. It was much nicer than UGM la.

Their hostel

I thought of squatting in Pei Sean’s room for a few nights. But, unfortunately, outsiders were not allowed to do so. So, after one night of hide and sit with the ibu kost, we decided to shift down to a hotel. I was quite surprise Leon and friends are capable of finding our own hotel and own angkut. Thanks to them our trip is successful. There is this Indonesian girl who offers to help us find hotel and all. I wonder why. Is she attracted to any of the guys in the gang? Funny girl. But, whatever it is, the truth is, the guys really capable of managing everything. Those rough, immature and care for nothing guys actually do manage everything and even take care of yanyi and I. I guess I change my opinion about them. They are playful, but nice in nature. What about Bandung? We went to Tanjungan Perahu, which is famous for the active volcanoes. We walk into the kawah, and even touch the sulphur rocks there. Gases are released from the holes. The tour guide shows us the chemical reaction between sulphur gas and tobacco. Haha. You had to come to see what it is like. I am amazed!

After that, we went to Hot Spring. The water is full of mineral (Yanyi said it was urine, but I insist that I am correct). My clothes turn yellow after expose to don’t-know-what-substance in the hot water bath. Told you those are mineral! How can urine stick on clothes and never came off? We also went to Kawah Putih. The water in the kawah was greenish in colour because of the sulphur, and we were warned not to stand there too long as the poisonous gas might kill us. Can you imagine that? Nah… I guess you have to check it out yourself.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Some thought

Holiday suppose to be something happy, something fun. So if it is not fun, what is the point of holidaying? I figured that people will not want to wait for me. But, I thought I would have some hope since our holiday was unexpectedly extended. Apparently, I was wrong. Somehow, a little disappointed for not being able to follow, but more of the people itself. Perhaps I can be really irritating sometimes. But I think that’s just me. I did rather give up on people than myself. I will stay in this way. But what I am really glad of, I think I already have the greatest friendship in the world. I won’t be left behind in the morning, I won’t overslept not being woke up, I won’t have no one to accompany to clinic, I don’t need to find shelter in uncomfortable arms, I don’t need to trade anything for friendship, I don’t need to pretend to be a friend, I don’t need to hide at all. And all that I do I am pretty sure that I am not alone. And no matter how wrong I am, how loud I shouted, I am surprisingly not given up. That is all that I need. The only thing that I care of, and that is what I call friend. Perhaps I am already the world richest person cause I own a treasure that others don’t.
Question is, have I ever care about other people? Well, it probably depends on who was there to ask me this.

Chess competition

I like to play chess, not because I am good at it, but because there is always something to learn. I lose in my chess match against an Indon guy. I was just too careless until he was able to take my queen without me noticing it. After that I just can’t clear my brain and made all the stupid mistakes. Ya, it is quite impossible to beat a guy, especially when he was quite good. The weather is hot and I had to play under the hot sun. There was no chair for me to sit. The system wasn’t good, no time limit, no break, no good chess set, everything was just so… uncomfortable. But I should have won. I almost did. I won the first match with this guy. I won two games against the girl yesterday. I should have won. I was in a very good position at that moment I lose. I should have known what I am doing. I should have won. Why was I so careless? But, maybe Yanyi was right. Maybe I am supposed to stay at home and study for test instead of standing under the hot sun and wasting the glucose in my brain. That is why I was meant to lose. Just wondering what other people will say. Who cares? But somebody did care, or else how did the seniors know I won yesterday? Someone did care or else why are people talking about it? Argh… if I am going to guess what other people think, I can go crazy. So, whatever you people want to say, I don’t care. Guess I will be happier this way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The more you want something, the harder it comes to you. You might just get something when you least expecting it. Things that you get easily usually slip away. But even if you work hard for it, it might not stay. Back to scratch. No matter how badly you want something, no matter how important it is to you, whether you expecting it or not, is all just temporary.
There is this thing called fate. It is hard to explain how a twitch can change your life. Friends to enemy, enemy to friends; not much different, I reckoned. Who say it must be uncomfortable to stay near an enemy? Who say it must be comfortable to be with a friend? Who say enemies are the one that makes you cry? Who say friends are the one that make you laugh? It might just be an opposite.
I am not paranoid, just sensitive. I am not guessing, just feeling. Why no one ever understands me and belief me? Why no one ever border how I feel? Why do I have the feeling that I am disappearing? Why do people keep telling things and pretend that it is true? Why must everyone betray each other and wear a mask around? Suddenly my soul felt empty. Pathetic. No one to trust, no one to lean on, no one to listen. Pathetic world with pathetic people.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tornado In UGM

I was on the computer, posting the previous post. Tutorial class ends early that day and I was waiting for 3 o’clock to arrive. It was drizzling outside and I wonder whether the CIMSA makrab will be postponed.
I could hear the wind howling outside, and it was getting stronger. Suddenly, I heard some high pitch shout. I exchange glance with Azman who sat opposite me. Before we could react, there was a blackout. The seniors warned us to run out. When we flip open the curtain, we were shock to see some leaves swirling around by the strong current of air. All the lecture notes cluttered the floors. The curtain spoiled. Rain splashed in. People kept pushing the glass door to stop the wind from blowing in. It was chaotic.
Then, Mbak Dewi called us into the office. She said it was dangerous to stand hold the glass door in case it breaks. We hide inside the office, protected but able to see the outside. One of the under-construction buildings collapsed. The trees broke into half, some fall down, pulling the concrete together with it. Some roofs were damaged and brought away by the small tornado. Everyone ran to hide in the building.
Just then, we remembered that Yan Yi and Ho Hwee were on the way to campus. We quickly warned them. Surprisingly, they are not aware of the storm. It seems that the tornado only strike a particular place (the campus) and leaved after almost half an hour.
The road was blocked by the collapsed trees. The Taman Medica turned into a forest with all the collapsed trees. The Radiopoetra was flooded as the rain splashed in. The whole place was like never the anymore.
Raining cats and dogs outside...

Taman medika turn into hutan medika

big trees break into two

IP chaotic

Friday, November 7, 2008


Sometimes I wonder why we become friends. Sometimes I wonder why we fought. The funniest thing is we managed to become friends again after we fought. Always like this. Perhaps our friendships prove to be strong (which I hope I am not the only one who think that way). I guess I will never doubt this anymore. Hopefully.

Lately, people had been teasing me with Gan. Ya, after they are bored teasing me with WP. How funny was that, I only spoke to him once. Yesterday, that bunch of guys called me in the middle of the night so that I can sing a birthday song for him. So swt! Hmm… wondering why I am the target for this kind of prank. But, who cares, it will recede soon. Guess I am just some lunch time topics to release stress. You know, medical student, stressssss!! DESSERTS and STRESSED is just interrelated.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am numb. No feeling at all. Anger? No. Sad? No. Disappointed? No. Feel sorry? No. Nothing at all. I wonder why. May be I don’t really care anymore. Maybe. Maybe we both changed. Maybe we are no longer what we expect the others to be. Maybe you are right that I am annoying. Maybe you really mean you don’t need a friend like me. You have your new aim, I have mine. We are different, not the same. You are wrong. We are not the same anymore. Not after we come here. Definitely. Perhaps is time to find new friends. Perhaps it is time to detach from you. We fought many times. Pointlessly. Ask me if I mind your harsh words to me. I shall say I take into consideration that you meant everything you said. You always does.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Yesterday, I went to temple and pray. This time we sat down together and read the mantra. New experience.

That afternoon, there is a blackout again. There had been lots of blackout lately, until we planned to buy a backup lamp. Seriously, we can’t do anything in the dark, can we? The only thing we can do is gossip. There had been lots of gossips. Kean Seng, Mak and Wei Hern always came here and gossips along too. Guess we had changed the 1st floor of girls’ kost into gossip café.

I finished watching moonlight resonance. Great drama! But I think is time to start studying heart now. Next block, I will be Cadiorespiratory system, include all the heart, lung, CPR, vital sign and all. Hope this time I shall muster the block well.

Stupid me

I am so dumb!!! So So stupid!!! I wasted all my money!! I lost 50 thousand! I just don’t know how this happen, either I misplaced it or just… lost! OMG 50 thousand! Then, I called home. I forgot to add 01000 in front of the numbers. Again, I used up extra 70 thousand! What the hell. I can just call for 6000 instead of 70 thousand! OMG OMG! Those are extra money I am not supposed to spend! In total, I just threw away 120 thousand (RM50) in one day! OMG OMG! I can treat myself or buy another medical book with the money. But… here I threw away the money. Can I be more stupid than this? I am so depress, so sad. Ok. I shall not eat chicken for lunch in the next block. 7 weeks, each week save 10000, I can save back the money I lost.

Parang Tritis Beach

During Yin Li’s birthday, we planned something stupid. We hid in her room and gave her a surprise cake. But, the thing is, she knew we are up to something and purposely made us wait.

The next day, after we handed up our report, we went to Mirota Campus to top up our groceries. We had our lunch at Pondok Cabe. Nice place. The food is nice, but the serving is very small.

We came home about 3 pm, all were too tired to go anywhere. We planned to bring Yin Li to Parang Tritis Beach. But we told her we were bringing her to somewhere near, like ice-skating in Saphire. So, she was all prepared to go for ice-skate, wore her socks and jeans. She reminded everyone to bring socks too. All of us just pretended that we are going ice-skate. Bapak Mariono even drove through the taman so that Yin Li didn’t see that we missed Saphire. What a joke. The whole car knew we were going Parang Tritis except her. After quite long, she started to get worried and wonder why we haven’t reach Saphire yet. When we enter all the kampong area, she was afraid Bapak Mariono wanted to slaunter us or something. Haha. When we finally reached, the blur queen still didn’t know where we were. Haha.

Omg, can you see the beach. The sand is so smooth and the breeze is so refreshing.

We never bring any extra clothing. We never played water as it was Raining season. So, we had to be satisfied with just photos.

The sun set is beautiful.

As it was raining season, the wave is extremely strong. Thus, we don't dare to swim. The wave might bring us away.Refreshing breeze massaging our face, playing with our hair. The feeling is great, especially when we just finsh our exam.

"Yo, come Paris". But, remember not to wear green, cause you might irritate the sea God. And note, The shirt I wore is NOT GREEN.

Sand castle? I don't see any.... Guess we are not an expert though.

YanYi," look at my slippers!"

Me,"don't be stupid"

Ho Hwee,"lets make love" (means make a love shape, don't think too much)

I guess it is ok with some water splashing.
" I love nature"

Nice sun set. It painted the sky with hues of purple and red. What a scenery.

I tried to throw a message in the bottle to the sea, but it kept come back. Finally I gave up. Guess the wave is too strong.
After everything, Bapak Mariono brought us to Depok Beach for dinner. The seafood is really fresh and damn delicious. We went home after that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Block 1.1

Shit like hell. I am going to fail my block exam. Depressed…. Now only I know that had to study so detail to answer all the questions! How come ours is different from the seniors? Theirs is mainly on lecture notes, but ours, we had to find so many extra information. Even after we try to find the correct answers after the exam, we couldn’t find the exact answers to our questions. How can this happen? Oh My God! I am gonna fail my exams…

A good doctor

If a doctor accidently cause the patient stops breathing, the report wrote “Pesakit berhenti bernafas”. It might seem perfectly fine if no one knows the doctor had triggered one of the untouchable nerves near the throat. Accidents happen and I was pretty surprise how they cover the incident and make it sound like it was time for the patient to go.

A doctor did a lot of suturing. Suturing at the head, suturing at the abdomen… but when come the suturing the vaginal, he did the same thing—he sutured the whole vaginal like how he sutured the other wound. What a mistakes! Her husband would have killed him.

Another doctor able to know that his patient had a leg injury 10 years ago just by looking at the sclera. What kind of doctor will I be?

Evil thing

She goes everywhere and tells everybody the wrong things. She lies. I become the person who read her diary. That is a lie. I never met her on the first day. That is a lie. I was never her roommate. That is a lie. I call everyone to leave her. That is also a lie. How many lies must she tell before she stops? How much longer must she hurt me? Why must she do that? Why? Just to get sympathy from other people? Is that how she makes new friends? And what should I do? Leave her crapping lies and perhaps spoiling my names? Am I being too good to her? Call her along if I wanna go home, told her about tenteran, try to be nice… All these I get a bad name in return. Wish I had never known her at the first place. Wish I had never known this girl who read my diary, fight with me, and spread bad rumours around the campus. And while I feel bad for not forgetting her, she on the other hand spread that I was the one who did the dreadful dead she did. How much longer can I keep quiet? I just too disappointed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Anatomy 考试过了。读到半死Anatomy 过了。成绩出了。我。。。没有感觉。真的不知道为什么没有感觉。不是很差,但也不是很好。就刚刚好吧。85%,全级排第七。可能当时我已经病到不知道该有什么感觉,真的没有感觉。第七,是好还是不够好?也许真的是好事。我突然没那么压力,轻松好多。



Friday, October 10, 2008


Gosh I waste so much time on my laptop! Reinstall is really a big fuss. And poor me, all my data lost, *snap my fingers* just like that. Man…
But, I like my laptop now. I boost up the RAM, buy an original antivirus, and install many games… haha… My babe is damn great now! Hopefully my curiosity don’t drive me to explore and touch anything anymore *cross my fingers*.

To do List
D Get Hep A Vaccine
D Buy Tortora, KL Moore, Wheathers
D Finish drawing my hip joint
D Finish my health issue power point slide
D Finish my “inflammation lecture” questions
D Reinstall all my programs
D Pass my license to dad so he can renew it
D Change Indon rupiah
D Buy dodol Melaka
D Remind Yan Yi to send my laundry
¨ Pack my bag
¨ Install downloading software
¨ Download 5 deeparaya song
¨ Study muscles
¨ Buy something for Yin Li
¨ Confirm about anatomy test by senior

I am going back Yogya in a 2 days’ time, and I guess I will only return here like a year later *glance around my room*. I will miss this place. Mum been cooking really nice food and dad been doing lots of things for me. Bro hadn’t been fighting with me and sis too. This holiday is great except for my laptop problem. Talking about studies, I guess I still have time to finish my lower limb muscles. *sigh* No idea how to study without having a first glance at the muscles. I haven’t really mustered upper limb muscles yet, but soon. *sigh* Time really flies though….

Monday, October 6, 2008

Problematic Day

I am so gonna kill myself!! Why problems came crashing my life? Shit Shit Shit… Arrrggghhh!!!!

Problem No 1
Damn my itchy hand. I go explore my laptop, try this try that, and before I notice it… My laptop can’t restart properly. Curiosity kills the laptop. Now I can only on using safe mode, and I don’t even know what the problem is. Virus? System corruption? I tried every possible way to save my babe. Restore my system. Delete possible corrupted files. Scan and repair my hard disk. Reinstall my Home Vistal Premium. Press this press that, still the same… I think I restart more than 20 times already. But, that blue screen keeps appearing whenever I start up. Even the computer expert (my neighbor who in charge of computer system in all the sekolah bestari) don’t know what is wrong with my laptop. Oh my God!!! What if it can’t be saved? What if they need to send to headquarter and need more than 2 weeks to repair? What if I had to pay a lot to repair mistakes due to my curiosity? Not worth it, not worth it! Sob Sob… don’t leave me, my babe!!! Oh, all my documents, my songs, my dramas, my e-books, my photos, my data… all gonna wave me goodbye. My tian!!! Why must you steal everything from me? My heart broken…

Problem No 2
Who say bus ticket is always available? All tickets to LCCT are sold!!! Great, now what! I can’t go to the airport as planned!! Haih… Now the only solution is overnight at Yin Li’s house. Thank God Yin Li never say no, or else I really don’t know how to go back. Why dad has to attend course at this time? And you know what that means? More things to add to my already excess luggage! I had to bring towel, tooth brush… I am so… don’t know what to say. Actually quite scared also la, have to go Yin Li’s house. What if her parents don’t welcome me?

Problem No 3
I don’t know is because I had no more moods to study or what, I can’t understand the “inflammation lecture”. How am I gonna so-call study ahead and prepare alpha quest questions when I don’t even understand that damn thing? Not forgetting tans of upper limb and lower limb muscles awaiting me. I am so shit!!!

What can I do? What can I do? Can I scold someone? The answer is NO. Is all my mistakes! Silly me, stupid me, foolish me!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


心魔 草


Saturday, October 4, 2008


要保留那份回忆,不希望被别的取代。我不想把那个地方变成旅游胜地,因为它永远都不会只是旅游胜地。新加坡属于我和他们的地方。要去那里的旅游胜地(East Coast Park, esplanade, Merlion….)似乎会搅乱我的记忆。我不希望这回忆被别的取代。好愚蠢,对吧。



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hari Raya Visit

Today, I went to visit Pn Noorul, my formal BM teacher. Haha, been doing lots of visiting. Well, why not, is Hari Raya anyway.

ET and I went to Alistair’s house where I met with the others like You Rui, Tze Yin, and Zhi Qin. Then, after fetching Sze Ling and Onn Wah, we headed to Noorul’s house.

There, we met Fei Ying, Xin Yi, Jeff, Brendon and Derryck. (I never miss out anyone right).
Somehow, people seem to be interested about my life in Indon. Really glad they do.
We were welcomed with lots of food...

Not forgetting photo session before we left.
Pn Noorul and I

We wanted to go home after that. But, somehow, we went to MBO to watch movie. Long time never watch movie liao... Too bad Mama Mia will only be screened at 6, so we decided to watch Eagle Eye instead...

I guess enough of outing. Time to study my stupid Anatomy... Stupid bone, stupid muscles...


Yesterday, I went to visit Puan Mak, my formal Bio teacher. The first time I went, she wasn’t in, and I was chased by her dog. I accidentally hit the dog with the Bak Pia I was holding (not actually an accident, I was just trying to avoid it) and the stupid dog bit me. Luckily it doesn’t have any sharp teeth or I will pluck off all its teeth.

Only that afternoon, I was able to see her. She asked me about my life in Indonesia and is considering sending Michelle there. Well, I was more than happy to help and was really glad someone actually asked me about Indonesia.

Pn Mak adopted another kid. This times an Indian, just because the parents of the kid were not able to take care of him. How sweet. But mum kept telling Pn Mak to hand the kid to welfare comity, saying that it is very difficult to take care of kids at this age. Blablabla… Whatever it is, God bless them la.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back home

I came home yesterday. After a long sleep in the plane, finally I landed at LCCT. Thank God they don’t weigh my hand luggage before I board, or else I would be charged a lot for my excess luggage.
In Yogya Airport

In waiting room

Reach LCCT... Picture with the plane
Mum, Dad and my little sis welcomed me at the airport and they kept saying that I slimmed down a lot. Well, I met Tze Vee’s mum also. She with her famous line, “I wonder you know my son”. Haha, guess Yin Li was right, and I can imagine Vee’s mum telling her the exact same thing.
It seems that my family don’t really like Yogya food. Luckily, I never buy much. I doubt they will find Yogya interesting when they fly over next time. But, of course I look forward for their visiting. It was really hard to describe things there when they never see anything similar.

Today, I followed my parents to Batu Pahat to visit my grandmother.
I had my haircut here too. Nah, not much different though. Sis had her fringe straighten, and now she really looks like a doll. Haha… I wonder what I should buy back to Yogya except Dodol… You think the mas will like Malacca’s dodol?
Let you see something interesting!!! Haha... nice...

The professor treat the cadaver like it is just some tools. Oh man!! It is once alive, can’t believe!! Ok. Studying muscles are really difficult. More difficult than bones I guess. There were so many layers and so many parts. Some with long tendons some have more heads, but all looks identical!! Guess I need to mug a lot at home this time. So, I decided to bring my Sobotta Atlas back. 4.5kg man!!! How much space these books occupy!